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I always liked Paul Walker, even though I didn’t really think he could carry an entire movie by himself. I liked JOY RIDE (Candy Cane!!) and THE SKULLS and even that TIMELINE movie of his – and I think that BRICK MANSIONS thing looks kind of good, but I never thought he was a tremendous leading man. I also thought that all of those movies that came out trying to copycat SNATCH pretty much failed – except for maybe SMOKIN’ ACES – but this was probably one of the better of them. But I don’t think that’s saying too much since we have to deal with the likes of Chazz Palminteri and Karel Roden in this thing… but we do get a little bit of Pre-Super-Famous Vera Farmiga…. YUUUUUUMMM….RUNNING2

I actually thought this was going pretty good (even dealing with Palminteri) but suddenly they start throwing in a bunch of new characters that just didn’t fit at all. Like the albino pimp:RUNNING3

What was the fucking point there? And then, a little later, a murdering pedophile couple…


And a little later, they try and spice things up with some sort of neon hockey shit. They also break one of the Cardinal Rules in this scene. At one point Walker is getting pounded in the face with hockey pucks and he’s bleeding as if the Hoover Dam had broken. The next shot there’s barely any blood on the ice. Continuity people.


The ending is a real cop out too, come to think of it. Oh well, I guess I HAVE seen worse. This is a decent little action film with some blood and some cussin’ that might be an OK time filler but it’s nothing fantastic. Oh – and Cameron bright is an ugly kid. Also oh – and – Ivana Milicevic is HOT!!!



  1. Dear Chop,

    Yeah, he was never leading man material or anything like that, but there are far worse actors out there (here’s looking at Jack Black in specific). This wasn’t an awful movie, it just could have been more.

    As always, great work here!




    • garylee828

      Zoe, you think Jack Black is a bad actor? He’s actually an extremely talented actor when he takes on the right roles. He didn’t fit the role he played in “King Kong” and “The Holiday” but he was phenomenal in “Shallow Hal” and “School of Rock” and “Bernie”.

      Now, I understand some think he’s annoying and he can be when he plays the wrong roles (like in “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer”) but dude has a ton of ability and when you catch him in the roles suited for his strengths, he has Oscar-level talent. I think you may feel different about him if you watch “Bernie”. And I assume you’ve seen “Shallow Hal” which is one of my top favorite comedies of all-time. Love the Farrelly Brothers!

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      • Hi Gary. Cannot disagree with you more. There are few people that irritate me as much as Jack Black does. I think he is a waste of space, honestly. He is a total tool. I have watched A LOT of his movies and I still cannot bear him. I am glad that you like him, but he is just one of those people that really grates on my last remaining nerve.


      • garylee828

        I honestly used to DESPISE Jack Black just as much as you did. When I saw “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” I wanted to strangle him! And if you remember the first “Scary Movie” Shawn Wayans made a mention to how he “wanted to punch that fake jamaican MF” and was referring to Black’s horrific role in “ISKWYDLS”. So, I know exactly how you feel, and I think many shared your sentiments.

        But then I saw “Shallow Hal” and the script was so freakin’ funny and Black was immaculate in the role.

        What did you think of “Shallow Hal”?


      • I must say, nothing has changed my opinion on him. I saw Shallow Hal, but I was not enamoured with it to be honest. Sorry, but this is going to be a lost cause with me!


      • garylee828

        Oh okay, if you didn’t like Dumb & Dumber then that explains why you didn’t like Shallow Hal; or Jack Black.

        You didn’t like on Dumb & Dumber when Jim Carrey was in Lauren Holly’s hotel room and she went into the bathroom – and so Jim Carrey wanted to declare his love for her when as soon as she came out of the bathroom and he nervously rehearsed to himself what he wanted to say…

        LLOYD (to himself): You’re the girl I’ve waited for my whole life and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I mean look at me – I’m like a school boy! A school boy who desperately wants to make sweet, sweet love to you.

        Mary enters the room.

        MARY: Who were you talking to?

        LLOYD: (nervous) Uh, Uh, Uh…I desperately want to make love to a school boy!

        LOLOLOL! Funniest line from a movie EVER!!!

        And then it continues:

        MARY: Um, I should go.
        LLOYD: No, no, that’s not what I meant. What I meant was I like you, Mary…(in Forest Gump voice) I like you a lot.

        Mary politely smiles.

        LLOYD: So, I wanna ask you a question and you just come out and give me an honest answer…what are the chances of a guy like you and a girl like me ending up together.
        MARY: Um, not very good.
        LLOYD: Not very good like 1 in a hundred?
        MARY: I’d say more like 1 in a million.

        LOL. Funniest movie of all time!!!


      • theipc

        I’ve hated Jack Black since the first time I ever saw him. Maybe he can do some good in something but I’m not going to bother checking it out. Same with Dane Cook. Some people you just don’t like.

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      • garylee828

        I don’t like Dane Cook, either; but the difference between him and Black is that Jack has acting ability, where as Dane cannot seem to ever come out of himself.

        I assume you liked “Dumb & Dumber”, right? I think you told me once that you did. If you liked D&D I think you’d like Shallow Hal, even if you don’t like Jack, b/c I hated Black going into that movie.

        There are a few actors I can’t stand, so I know what you mean. I don’t like Ethan Hawke, but I watched “Sinister” and “The Purge”. I’m glad to see Hawke taking on roles like this, so now I can tolerate him much better than before. I know you’re not a big Ethan fan, either b/c I remember you saying that on a post.

        I don’t like Jamie Foxx, but I watched “Collateral” and thought he was great in the role. The main reason I can’t stand Jamie Foxx is b/c he almost always tries to be super-cool and fly even when the role doesn’t call for it and he just comes across as an extremely arrogant person. “Law Abiding Citizen” was a great example of that; he played a big-time attorney, yet he flaunted around like he was all cool and it really took away from the heart of the story. But when Foxx played the cab-driver on Collateral he just played a cab-driver and did a great job. I’m still not a fan of Jamie Foxx, but I will watch him if he plays in the right kind of role.

        I guess I am just saying “Shallow Hal” is a film I think you’d like, even if you think Jack is annoying. I think you will find his talents superbly suited for the role of Hal – and honestly I cannot visualize another actor playing that role. But I don’t think anyone has ever written comedy as well as The Farrelly’s! 🙂


      • theipc

        I’ve seen Shallow Hal and I didn’t much care for it. I’m not debating if it’s good or not, that’s just not my type of humor. I find things like Raising Arizona and Top Secret funny – I’ve never been a fan of “obnoxious” which is why I can’t stand Will Farrell and Danny McBride and, for the most part, Seth Rogan.

        Although – I don’t have any idea why, but I laughed my ass off during This is the End.

        I do NOT like Ethan Hawke at all but I did watch The Purge the other day and – he didn’t kill me – but I thought the movie sucked. I doubt I’ll talk about it out here but the one thing that ruined it for me (and I didn’t see the beginning so maybe this was explained) but why wouldn’t ANYONE have something like a turret on top of their house to machine gun away people “purging”?


      • garylee828

        LOL, that’d he hilarious if everyone in the suburbs had a turret on top of their house and was going all Rambo on everyone in their yard.

        Yes, “the Purge” was poorly executed; they are doing a sequel and I am hoping they get this one right. It could be a great franchise if they executed it right.


      • theipc

        LOL – I started it about 30 minutes in and I just couldn’t understand why – if EVERYONE knows this is going to happen once a year, why did they only have a handgun and some strong doors.

        I actually think the second one looks kind of good.


      • garylee828

        Yeah I think it looks good, too. I’m willing to give this franchise another chance simply b/c the concept is so strong.

        if everyone had a heavy-duty machine gun bolted to their roof, chances are intruders would come in droves with AK-47’s and take out the shooter. Just a thought. And if you add machine guns to the equation you take away the horror aspect and add an action aspect and I think this wanted to be creepy and horror-minded.


      • garylee828

        “You’re Next” was much better than “The Purge”. “You’re Next” was just so creepy b/c the events that unfold could really take place. “The Purge” really f’d up as soon as the intruders removed their mask and the leader of the pack did a piss-poor imitation of The Joker. The intruders were creepy and then as soon as the masks came off, all of the intrigue went downhill.

        Talk about Jack Black being annoying, that yuppie on “The Purge” is about as annoying as Black was on I Still Know What You Did…


      • garylee828

        The dorky blonde guy; he was the leader of the pack; the one who looked thru the peephole and made the initial threat. The one who played in that “+1” movie you posted about.


      • garylee828

        Oh, no. I was saying You’re Next was better and then went into details where the Purge fell apart – or at least when it did to me. The intruders on You’re Next didn’t take off their masks; they were DE-masked after being obliterated! lol. Big difference in execution. I don’t have much criticism for “You’re Next”. I thought it was well-done.


      • garylee828

        The debate started when Zoe stated how she hated Jack Black and he wasn’t talented, etc. – and I chimed in b/c I used to share her opinion, but after seeing him in a few other roles my opinion of him shifted. And I just love discussing movies in general, whether I’m agreeing or disagreeing w/ someone; when I go into details, the comments can rack up in a hurry, particularly when multiple people join the discussion…

        Someone wrote a post one time that said it’s rude to write a lot of comments on people’s entries and not to write more than just a couple comments per topic, etc. but I think it’s good to leave comments and raise someone’s blog comment count as long as you’re not leaving offensive, rude, or mean-spirited remarks, etc. and as long as they pertain to the topic-at-hand.

        That’s why I come to this blog so often b/c people discuss movies, and not just a bunch of mainstream movies like so many of the other sites.


  2. garylee828

    I tried to watch this a while ago but was bored and shut it down after about 30 minutes. I like Paul Walker, as well; he wasn’t a great actor, but he seemed like a genuinely nice person and I thought it was depressing when he passed last year. Though Walker was not a strong actor, he was a distinctive actor and had his own aura and style, which I think is why he lasted for so long.

    I liked “Joyride”, too. It was a pretty fun thriller/horror and Walker fit the character he was playing well. Though Walker was not a great actor, he picked some decent movies to be in. “Varsity Blues” was decent and “Into The Blue” with Jessica Alba and Josh Brolin was fun to watch just for all the underwater scenes.

    “Brick Mansions” does look like it may be a fun one, as well; I love watching Parkour action sequences. There was one at the beginning of “Casino Royale” where Bond chases this criminal thru a construction site and the actor playing the criminal was one of the creators of Parkour and he runs and jumps through everything, including a scaffold elevated a few hundred feet in the air. One of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen. I’m hoping “Brick Mansions” has some great sequences in it, too.


    • theipc

      I really like Parkour. I wish I was young and agile enough to do it. I like it when they show lengthy segments of applicants doing it on American Ninja Warrior. I’ll check out Brick Mansions when it hits VOD.

      Running Scared….? MEH.


  3. Nice review. : ) But I’m unlikely to ever watch this as it looks like the kind of movie I won’t remember a thing about a year after watching it. But… You know what? You know what movie I REALLY liked A LOT?!? Joy Ride! Yay!!! : ) (I use that Candy Cane line at least once each Xmas. Lol). Although it was renamed in the UK & is known as Roadkill. Paul Walker was lovely. Beautiful eyes. What a shame (although I agree he was never a ‘leading man’).


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