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MACHINE1 I’ll get a Right and Proper post up about this sometime soon but, if you’re looking for something VERY, VERY GOOD to watch over the weekend – RENT THIS!!! YES YES YES YES YES!!! This was FANTASTIC from start to finish. I mean it. It’s also very SMART. I like that in a movie. People are comparing it to BLADE RUNNER and I can get that, but BLADE RUNNER is more of a depressant (I really liked it though). This thing is a lot bloodier and, well, a lot more fun. And, while I normally don’t even listen to the musical score, what they had going on here was really well executed. It’s very 80’s-ish, on purpose, because I think they’re getting their BLADE RUNNER on. Not 80’s like Phil Collins and DOOran DOOran, very synth and I kind of loved it.

Everything in this worked for me. The only thing I didn’t like about this was an extended tarantula scene and an actress named Siwan Morris was in this WAY too short of a time. Highly reco-d!

P.S. What do you think about some of this?



  1. Okay – MAYBE I’d watch this one day. But no WAY is it anywhere near as good as Blade Runner! ; ) What the hell… Wait… Am I at The IPC? This review actually mentions a film’s SCORE! I must be in the wrong place….! ; )


  2. garylee828

    I’m planning to give this a watch this weekend if all goes well…

    I actually thought “Blade Runner” was overrated. It was decent, but not as great as everyone makes it out to be – at least not to me. I loved “Terminator 2” though, which is another beloved sci-fi classic, but one I feel lives up to every shred of hype it mustered. I don’t get into sci-fi much, but when sci-fi gets it right, they usually produce epic films; looking forward to The Machine to see if it lives up to all the hype it got on The IPC. If not, I will be sending a cyborg to your house!! Or maybe just “Awesome-O” from South Park. 🙂


  3. Tom

    Fuckkkuuuuudddgggee yeah! I’m IN! Shitfest summer, 2014!

    As for The Machine, looks pretty interesting. Seen a variety of stuff posted about it and I’m probably in for that, too. I like the sci-fi quite a bit, I do.


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  5. Victor De Leon

    Glad you liked this flick, bro. Also, I tried to bottle some of my he-man aroma back in the 80’s and sell it, but it never quite took off…


  6. garylee828

    Okay, I finally watched this a couple days ago, and unfortunately the version I found didn’t have subtitles and there were parts of the audio I could not quite make out; so b/c I was not able to fully follow it I could not get into it the way I wanted. I fell asleep for a fe minutes in the middle, and when I woke up I finished it. I actually did like it. I just wasn’t sure everything going on. But it was well-done and had good acting and a good story – and the action sequences were pretty tight, as well. I need to buy the DVD sometime and re-watch with the subtitles. It was a good recommendation. 🙂


    • theipc

      Well – that sucks! Were you looking for subtitles for when the robots were speaking? Or was the audio just shitty all around?


      • garylee828

        Just all around. It’s not that the audio was bad, but just a little too low for me to comprehend what they were saying at times, especially with the accents, and with a lot of jargon it made it hard to follow the plot and motives of the characters. Maybe I will get a better idea when I read your review.


      • theipc

        You know – they followed me on Twitter and then sent me a DM asking for “word of mouth support for their indie movie” so I did and then it never came out. I asked them about it and they said they were “having trouble getting it out on iTunes”.

        I’ll keep looking.


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