Isaacs Picture Conclusions


WHIP1Being a classy gentleman and all, The Good and Fair Most Beloved knows that I like to choose my words very carefully and go about things gently and light footed. “Tender and Carefully” is my motto, you know. As we all know, the warmest part of the human body is a person’s crotch area and, if one doesn’t practice good personal hygiene, that geographic area of human skin can become befowled with a heinous odor. With that intro written….WHIP2THIS MOVIE FUCKING SUCKED STINKING, SWEATY BALLS. God, what a DOG of a movie. I know it was 1974 but I’ve seen other movies from 1974 with decent production value. The ten minute opening scene to this was so dark and screechy and irritating I almost aborted right then but I pressed on – for YOU – and endured an agonizing piece of work that should be removed from circulation. I have a reader out here who goes by the handle “I Like Bad Movies” – let me tell you – you won’t like this one. Mr. Macho and his collar (above) goes to a party and seduces a model who did some topless nudes in the park. He then has her shipped to this institution where she gets stripped, probed and thrown into a room with some other woman. WHIP3She is not allowed to talk or she’ll get the whip!! So, talk she does and whipped she gets and then she tries to escape a few times. Oh – her sentence is for “Lewd Activity” and this place she is in is some sort of institution that “cleans up lewd women” and if they can’t be broken or made chaste…WHIP4THEY’LL HANG BY THE FUCKING NECK!!!!!!!!WHIP5Whatever. This movie was pitiful and I am kind of mad at myself for sitting through it. Even if you look at this for some tits, everything’s blurry and it’s almost two hours long. It was an awful experience. Not only is this NEVER recommended – I might even forbid you from watching this.



      • Hi Spock Chop,

        Been missing you lately! Sounds like your day is off to a good start, so awesome for you!

        Wow, that is really bad if it cannot even be seen up for Shitfest. Speaking of which, when is Shitfest Summer????




      • theipc


        I’m always here – I figured you had cretins over yesterday – I didn’t hear from you all afternoon 😦

        I was thinking of putting a post out soon – what do you think about July??


        Spock Chop


      • Spock Chop,

        You see, you are clever. You know me so well hahahaha!

        Oooooh yeah, I am TOTALLY up for it. In actual fact I have been working on a piece hahaha. I might have to drag myself through sections of it again to rag on it some more, but I am looking forward to this!!




  1. I’m totally watching this right now.

    In all seriousness, did you watch this movie on your iPad? I thought some older shitty quality movies I watched on my iPad (like Blackenstein) were way too dark and blamed the shitty film, but turns out turning the brightness up on the iPad made a huge difference.


    • theipc

      You’ll love it the most.

      No – I got this on a DVD from NetFlix. But thanks for the tip! And I don’t mean your filthy dong’s tip.


  2. House of whipcord was more than a half decent movie. The acting in parts was decidedly B as was the script very often, but in terms of plot, movement and action, it worked well enough for me and drove it right out of the sleeze department so that it stood head and shoulders above so many of that genre. Sorry that seemed to have passed you by.

    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc

      Yeah – This one was a real struggle for me – I guess that’s why we all appreciate differences of opinion –

      THANK YOU for reading out here and taking the time to comment!


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