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MACHINE1 It’s funny – I don’t really do a lot of Sci-Fi out here but this week we have two in a row. Is that AMAZING or what????? ?????????? ?? POOP FART. Yesterday we looked at a miserable movie that had a lot of butt fucking in it and I used words like “butter” and “Pappy”. Today should go a little better because I really liked THE MACHINE so I need to come up with something nice to say about it. Here’s the bleep blorp from IMDB:

Two artificial intelligence engineers come together as they work to create the first ever self-aware artificial intelligence. A veteran AI engineer secretly hopes to develop technology to help his diseased daughter, even if it means funding comes from the powerful Ministry of Defense (MoD). His new partner, a young woman gifted in the field of AI, is brought on after her breakthroughs are recognized by the MoD. Things go wrong when the MoD takes over and advances the researchers’ work to the next level, teaching the AI to kill and follow MoD instructions with its new and nearly indestructible body.

Let’s see what we’ve got.MACHINE6  A lot of people out there are comparing this to BLADE RUNNER and I can see why. I thought the opening sequence to this was fucking beautiful and it even featured a very good looking Siwan Morris all dolled up like Sean Young in “BR”. Remember when Sean Young was hot AND a hot commodity? Before she went apeshit? Anyway, In the opening we watch as a soldier with half a head gets tested out on some fancy new AI technology as mentioned in the bleep blorp above. Things don’t do very well here and a couple of people end up deader than fuck so we head back to the drawing board.MACHINE4 Next up, cutie-pie Caity Lotz (who we saw in the wonderful THE PACT) comes into to show off her own AI machine and the project’s lead – Vincent – administers The Turing Test which you can read about HERE if you’re not familiar. Study up good – because there’s going to be a test at the end. For real. Well, her shit passes the test as best it can and they decide to grant her a bunch of money to build The Machine – and they do.MACHINE2 I don’t want to spoil anything in this one because I really liked and think you should see it if you like good Sci-Fi. I loved the effects and The Machine and even the score for that matter.  I know Mike watched and thought: it was a load of shit but I disagree. I thought it was good Sci-Fi although it turned into more of an action horror towards the end. I REALLY liked what they did with the roboticly (is that a word?) infused soldiers and how they talked. What can I say? I really liked it a lot. And now for our test.machine7

Also – the beautiful Zoe is running an X-Men marathon over at her site leading up to the big release of the new Days of Future Past where she lives. It’s been a lot of fun and I did a little piece for it. If you want to check it out – you can by clicking this burning hot, erotic sun image.CLICKITY



  1. Dear PSC,

    LOL that quiz was funny, love it! Also, the post, this looks incredibly interesting. Hope to check it out sometime!

    Hope you don’t have an extremely busy day later, keep me posted.

    Love always,



  2. I FUCKING LOVE POLLS! Or are they quizzes? Whatever. Either way, I took them far too seriously. I hope I passed!

    Tosser. : )

    Oh, there was a movie review too? Hmm… I dunno, dude. Mike didn’t like it. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc

      Hi Wanker!!

      I notice that several people have selected “A blight in her life” for your question. How fucking sad can this get????


      #whosawanker ???


      The Tosser

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  3. I think I answered the question about myself wrong… oops!
    And yeah, that header today with the Shitfest Corona is fucking phenomenal! Excellent work.


  4. HOW DID YOU GET INTERNET ACCESS FROM THE BASEMENT???? That’s it–I can’t leave you unattended anymore. Miguel is officially your new guard. What’s that, Miguel? Oh. He’s practicing his Jigsaw voice. He’s in the corner muttering, “I’d like to play a game…” Be afraid. Be very, very afraid…


  5. garylee828


    I was listening to an old CD today and My Morning Jacket’s “One Big Holiday” was on it which always reminds me of “The Lookout” with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which is where I first learned of the song. Anyway, I got to wondering if I’ve heard you mention “The Lookout” and don’t think I have, and so was wondering if you’ve seen it? If not, I think you’d dig it. I thought it was great and very underrated when it came out in 2007. I think it has a lot of elements you like in a movie, too. I think it’s one we’d agree on.


      • garylee828

        Yeah man, I think you will like it. Glad I brought it to your attention.

        So, the 3 films I strongly recommend for you on a personal level are “Mum & Dad” and “The Lookout” and “Mindscape”. All films I believe are the recipe for a movie you’ll love.

        Then you have “8 Mile” and “Casino Royale” which I am not sure how you will feel about them, but definitely think you should give a whirl to see what you think, as they are very well-done and I think you’ll agree even if they’re not your cup of tea. But I think you will like both films more than you think you will.

        And then when you’re feeling bold, the link I e-mailed you. I cannot WAIT to get your response! You are going to freak out!!! LOL.

        And then of course when you’re in the mood for a strong thriller with subtitles “With A Friend Like Harry”. 🙂


      • theipc

        I’ve got them all written down – remember – it’s difficult for me to get to things from those links where I watch movies – it’s always better for me to order up a DVD or Blu Ray or find something streaming (NF or iTunes)

        (but I did look up that movie link you sent me – looks GROSS) (but i’ll watch it)


      • garylee828

        The links that I send are usually “PutLocker” or “SockShare” which should be easy to access; you select “Continue as a free user” and then “Click Play” and it should stream just as any other site.

        And yes, it may quite possibly be the grossest film you’ll ever watch!! lol. But it’s not shitfest material or anything; it’s just very extreme. Prepare to be scarred. The IPC will need a vacation after this one. lol.


      • theipc

        I know – but basically EVERYTHING is restricted here… lol my own blog is restricted… i have to do everything on my phone or iPad which is a real pain in the ass….


      • garylee828

        Oh okay, I thought you were trying to watch from your home computer when you’re home. I guess I just assumed you weren’t watching movies at WORK! lol.


  6. Loved the quiz, I felt nervous though like it was the SATs…sweating, nerves, and I forgot my calculator. Ok next quiz… bring it! Did you ever see that show Skins? I cannot get the image out of my head of Siwan Morris, she was the teacher who hooked up with her student. Yuck what a pervy lady!


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