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Afternoon Special for the Ladies

Well howdy do everyone? Zoë here again and I am back to fool around at The IPC, and I love it. I really, really love it. Luke may be on to something when he said “his (Eric) blog has been broken into more times than his sanity.”

Alright, so today we are just going to have a little ogling session. Come on, don’t judge me, I need some yummy to look at to give me a breather between studies! Seeing as my top ten movie villains list garnered a whole different response than what I expected it to, I figured I may as well do a good and proper perve page. I mean Eric and I joked about it, but I think it is time. Borrowing the phrase from Alaska Young, this is subverting the patriarchal paradigm.

Guys, I would love it if you let me know in the comments which ladies make you tick, then I could totally hack request another guest spot to construct a boobcentric luscious ladies list for you! Provided there is enough for me to work from, of course. For now, just so that this post is not a total waste of your time, here’s something to make it somewhat worthwhile.


Alright, so this all kicked in because I was thinking about the absolute delight that is Sebastian Stan, though apparently he makes all you normal men feel puny (Eric’s words, not my own). So we can start there.

sebastian stan

captain america the winter soldier hot

Yes, yes, some more…


Moving along from there, because of the overwhelming… er, responses that I got from Skeletor and Smash as to the hot as fuck factor of Tom Hardy / Bane, it would be criminal not to add him in here.

We must include the walk!

Natasha and Miss Mutant, this is for you, though I can see that there might well be a battle to the death. I totally feel like the Joker here. “Make it fast.”


Apparently some of the guys just think the Hems is the answer, too. Interesting. He seems to have it all.

As an alternative option around the fight to the death, could I tempt you with Khal Drogo, my fairest Natasha?


The Verbal Spew, however, had a highly entertaining meltdown this week when she established that Kit Harington and his “are-they-for-serial-real-abs” have a massive flaw: an outie belly button, which totally kicked him the fuck off her list. Now that leaves space for wondering who she is going to replace him with. I am still awaiting her latest choice.

no more

Shall I give leave you with a picture of Gannicus instead (sticking to the whole gladiator thing) while you are contemplating the one that will step up?

spartacus war of the damned Animated Gif on Giphy

Here’s another one for most of the ladies, because the general consensus seems to be that Harrison Ford was just ridiculously looky when he was younger. I am not disputing this claim.

smile (3458) Animated Gif on Giphy

Melissa, I could never forget you, and I have been sitting here thinking about it. But it seems that the new religion Eric may/may not have discovered of God Damon calls for you to be spoiled in such a manner. Here we go.

matt damon

My dear Cara, I have been in serious battles here in an attempt to decide between the Captain or Sherlock for you. Screw, it, you can have one of both, I know I am a Proby and all that but sheesh, what if this is the time that Miguel decides to break that special agreement because I didn’t give you the best?

You can never say I don’t take your needs into consideration.


Then there is Evan Peters. Now I know he is coming up a lot because of the Quicksilver thing, but seriously, forget that for a moment, because damn he is a good looking dude.

Let’s add some smiles to the mix…

Another hit with the ladies is Tom Hiddleston… not sure if that is limited to him as Loki per se or what, precisely, but here he is anyway, looking really good!

tom hiddleston

Because no list is complete without Heath Ledger and his dimples making an appearance. Abbi, I chose this gif specially for you. I do not doubt that many women may have pictured this…

Let’s throw in Gabriel Macht? I know his Harvey persona really gets some women going. And I just want to talk about those suits… like wooooooow.

Not necessarily my cup of tea but my understanding tells me that Ian Somerhalder’s eyes and smile can induce a swooning fit.

Then there needs to be space for Richard Madden here because… just look at this!

I know that a few are partial to Ralph Fiennes, and I have heard it come up that the guys think pretty highly of him, too.


Also, Jensen Ackles. You just can’t go wrong here. Unless you look at him when he was in the soapies… awkward.

I want James McAvoy here, too… he’s got some of the most perfect hair of all time.

Abbi, as per request, I give to you Hedlund as in Garrett…

Garrett Hedlund 03The pretty damn gorgeous Michael Fassbender.


A bonus one, too (because holy wow, look at that)!


Lauren, this one is for you. Certainly no time was spent picking out your favourite axing moment…


Ladies, anyone else you want to see on here, tell me, will add him to the perve page!

Seriously, guys, I want to know who you want to see on a list, LET THE COMMENTS COMMENCE!

BY THE WAY: Please don’t forget that Shitfest 2014: Summer is coming up. Get your entries together, get them to the Master Eric, let us make this yet another massively successful event! Sooner rather than later. God knows I have seen enough awful movies to enter numerous times… nobody has an excuse. We have all sat through something terrible. Get on it people!


  1. Back off Natasha – The Hems is MINE! Lol. ; )

    Zoe – can you just take over The IPC every day??? ; ) This was awesome. Such a nice change from all the boobs here all the time. :-p I don’t know a few of these dudes, though – I need to look them up! Yummy. : )

    Liked by 3 people

  2. theipc

    Dearest JB,

    THANKS for doing this (I think)!! This will totally get me some catch up time even if I have to look at some dudes you ladies lust over. I notice there’s no picture of me 😦




    • Dearest Grampy Spock Chop,

      It was truly my utmost pleasure! Teehee, well maybe it will encourage you to catch up more and just let us lust here on our own 😉

      Again, furnish me with a suitable photo and I can make things happen. I have numerous pics of your feet, but I do not have a foot fetish (totally not Miss Mutant), and I would like to stick with a theme. 😛

      Love always,


      Liked by 1 person

  3. My bestest friend

    This is such a beautiful thing this list. This beautiful list shows your excellent taste and kind consideration for my excellent taste, even though we do not always agree #gyllenhall

    Dear Eric

    Most thanks for allowing this beautiful list to see the light of day. You are most kind too

    Liked by 2 people

    • My kindest friend. It is truly my pleasure to have created this thing. So delightful. Any chance to gush over Sebastian Stan and I am there. Yes, we have exceptional taste.

      Now on to Gyllenhaal. What a good actor. Not attractive. Has cute smile moments from time to time. I can’t justify him on here because have you SEEN Sebastian Stan?! How can one even compare?!

      Liked by 2 people

    • theipc

      Beautiful Ladies,

      Guess posts are ALWAYS welcome even if it’s a bunch of beefcake. Work has me running around crazy-stupid so some relief is always welcome!


      the ipc

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Abbi

    Hot damn! Now this is a post that could get lady in trouble. I heartily approve of all this and I have definitely thought of our dear departed Heath in das buff! Two things though… Fassbender. And Hedlund as in Garrett Jesus Christ what do they put in the damn water down under.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. V

    Now that I’m home from work I just wanted to say that this post was the best thing about my day. The best thing about my week, too. Now whenever I feel down I’ll just visit this treasure trove of sexy splendour and slide off my chair once or twice with the excitement of it all and all with be right in my world.

    Also, Gannicus was an inspired inclusion. Gratitude, Spartacus-style. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  6. labyrinthwrm

    Can we amend this one to say “For the ladies…and Drew”? Because as I scrolled through, I kept thinking “Yes, Yes, A Million Times Yes!!!” I mean, I don’t think I was the only person watching the new X-men and wishing they could just be right there between Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy…am I right ladies?

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Skeletor

    OMG!!!! Look at Zöe, pulling out ALLLL the stops!! 3 very important things about this epic drool fest: a.) Khal Drogo, niiice!!!!!!!! B.) Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, one of the hottest action dudes of all time. Not even sure why! And most of all c.) saving the best for last because TOM HARDY IS STILL HOT AS FUCK!!! #noboobsnoproblem #epicsausagefest #tomhardywillyoumarryme

    Liked by 1 person

  8. garylee828

    That GIF of Ledger looks similar as the “Dark Knight” scene where he stuck the razor in the guy’s mouth; just minus the make-up.


  9. Pretty good list, loving McAvoy, Fassbender, Cumberbatch and Harington. Would love to see the lovely Ryan Reynolds added to the list too, preferably a still from The Amityville Horror where’s he’s cutting wood while shirtless (not that I’ve thought about this much at all 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

  10. HOW DID I MISS THIS YESTERDAY????? Zoe, you win at WordPress. Cap AND Sherlock AND a million other pretties?? You spoil me. I am drooling everywhere. Forget the boys–they can live without boobs for a day. 😉 Let’s get more of those MEN. #pervepost2014

    Liked by 1 person

  11. This was a great post, I have been gone all week! And this is my first back into WP life and ugh I feel so much better. Thank you Zoe, life has resumed normalcy. I loved every single one I wouldn’t complain with any and esp my Matt Damon, Eric just stop hating him please! Where is Gosling and Gyllenhall? You def need a part 2 to this… Afternoon Delight Part 2 is requested!


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