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You know – I REALLY liked WOLF CREEK. I really did. I liked what they did there and I liked the director and the cast and I even went out and liked ROGUE (the director’s second movie). Then I sat around waiting on WOLF CREEK 2 for EVER and then it finally came out but it was ten dollars to rent so I waited again. A month later they dropped the fucking price to reasonable and I rented it and excitedly gave it a watch and I was totally fucking disappointed. I mean, as a horror movie it’s good and it’s gross and it’s all there and all of that shit but…. it’s a total sell out from what we got before. It’s BIG and LOUD and NOISY and car chase-y and it was just so NOT WOLF CREEK-y.WC2B

Mick is back and this time he’s blowing off heads and lighting people on fire and stabbing them in their spines and…. this time he’s even doing some raping. That’s not the Mick from the first one. Also – this time around he’s not living in that old mining quarry (or whatever) but in some labyrinthine underground compound FILLED with dozens and dozens of dead and rotting corpses. I also took it that he eats people. Where’s the the fucking character from before? And what was the purpose of the idiotic sequence with the house in the middle of nowhere? Was it just to show that you’re ballsy and not afraid to kill the elderly? Shit! Come on!WC2C

Another thing that pissed me off about this movie? So blah blah blah Mick is driving around in his truck full of body parts and killing everyone and this one guy gets away in his jeep.  He pulls over on the side of the highway and sure enough – tries to flag a semi down for assistance. Naturally, for some unknown goddamn reason, Mick is driving the fucking semi and we get one of those car chases where everyone shifts gears constantly. I guess I just don’t get it – if you’re driving 90 miles and hour getting chased by a semi – how could you possibly need to shift gears all the time? Did you downshift while we were looking elsewhere? You can blow your engine doing that…WC2D

Anyway – during this lengthy, gear shifting car chase, Mick decides to play some music on the semi’s loud speaker. For some stupid reason this gets a herd of kangaroos in a tizzy and they go running towards the highway – where they promptly get gruesomely run over and go flying through the air. REALLY? REALLY? COME FUCKING ON, McLean. Was that fucking necessary? THEN – to make things worse, after he pushes the jeep off of the cliff and the guy survives – he sens the butt fucking semi over the cliff too – looking to smash him. HUH? You’re out in the middle of NOWHERE and you send your ride over a cliff – on purpose? How are you gonna get the fuck home? FUCKING HELL.WC2EAnyway……….. then we get a really LONG scene where Mick and whatshisface sing songs and play a trivia game. It’s pretty ridiculous and then…. after everything we’ve been through – after all of the dozens and dozens of dead bodies and raping and finger cutting and burning and car chasing and dead kangaroos – he let’s him the fuck go. HUH? WHAT? HUH? LAME……..!



  1. garylee828

    I actually hated the first one. The characters all pissed me off too much; I don’t even remember why exactly or what they did, but I do remember my friend and I both walking out of the theater and in bad moods after watching it. I just vaguely remember the victims doing something so idiotic it just ruined the movie…

    I was at least willing to give the sequel a try if it was given a good review, but this sounds even worse than the first and more like a comedy than horror. I like the way Mick was driving the semi! lol.


      • garylee828

        Oh, I didn’t watch the sequel. I was referring to Mick popping out of nowhere in a semi. lol.

        Thought you might want to know that some crazy chick hacked into your account yesterday and posted a ton of ridiculous pics of men!! You need to reset your password. 🙂


  2. I can live with three top hats, even though I might rate it a tad lower. It lost everything that made the original good, but this is still rather enjoyable…for the most part. Love that poster saying it’s the “sequel to the most terrifying Australian horror film ever made,” not even close, not by a long shot lol. Mick is still horrifying though :).


  3. Dear Spock Chop,

    Damn, this looks like it disappointed the hell out of you. I am sorry about that! At least you didn’t pay full price.




  4. Hi IPC. I saw your site recommended somewhere. Think it was a toilet door. My name is Tyson, I’m from England and here for a good time.

    Oh, and Wolf Creek 2 fucking ROCKS!!!!!! I loved it, loved how bat shit crazy it was and everything. Also, the kangaroo thing is very common down under, loads of them left as roadkill apparently. Plus the ending mirrors the first. At least you didnt hate it 🙂


    • theipc

      Hello Tyson,

      Thank you for your patronage! Unfortunately, I don’t offer those services. That was my old partner Film Hipster who worked the Glory Hole in that bathroom you’re in. Apologies for your troubles!!

      You’re right – I didn’t hate it but it should have been called something else. Like “The Adventures of Big Mick, The Killer” or something….

      Nice to hear from you : )


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