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Afternoon Delight for the Gents

Well, as promised, us ladies got to look at some truly delectable men last week, it meant that I would put something out here for you gentlemen. I went on a hunt, I went on a mission, ultimately I have come up with some luscious ladies I hope that you will all appreciate!

Ladies, so that this is not a total waste of a post (unless you are dropping by to check if your girl crush made the list), here’s a pic of Tom Hardy…


Anyhow, I thought I would get this started with Eva Green, what a stunner!

eva green

eva green (3)

Moving on to the endlessly sexy Mélanie Laurent!

melanie laurent (3) melanie laurent (4)

No man will let me live it down if I do not include Scarlett Johansson and her curves.

scarjo (1)

scarlett johansson animated GIF


Yvonne Strahovski, in all her glory.

Yvonne Strahovski Maxim Australia March 2012-8

Sheri Moon Zombie, still rocking that alternative style!


The stunning, gorgeous, and super cute Emma Stone!

emma-stone-hotkiss animated GIF

black and white animated GIF

Jessica Chastain, hot stuff right here!

jessica chastain (1)

Jennifer Lawrence, it seems the odds are ever in her favour!

jlaw (1)

sexy animated GIF

The foxy Melissa Rauch. It seems Wolowitz wed well.

melissa rauch

Sarah Gadon.1232

Another super popular one all around, the super sassy Amber Heard!

Amber Heard - Hot for Guess Jeans Fall 2011 Ad Campaign-05


Even with her singular poker face, Kristen Stewart seems to have it going for her.

kristen stewart (2)

Christina Lindberg, definitely a hottie in her youth!


Deborah Ann Woll, a red-headed vixen.

deborah ann woll

hot animated GIF

jessica hamby animated GIF

The beautiful Emily Blunt.

emily blunt (3)

Emilia Clarke, the stunning and arresting Khaleesi, proving to be hot with either a blonde mane or dark.


Angela Lansbury, a real classic.

angela lansbury

Moving along to Natalie Dormer, truly a beauty.

natalie dormer (2)


Anna Kendrick making it on the list, though not sure for the cute factor or what, exactly, but here she is anyhow!

Anna Kendrick (1)

As per request, here’s Kate Beckinsale!

Kate Beckinsale Hot-4

Adding Emma Watson to the mix.


As well as Mila Kunis!

Mila kunis (29)

Helena Bonham Carter, as per request!hbc

Uma Thurman, she still has it going for her!

uma thurman

Marion Cotillard, what a stunner!


Last, Jonathan, the beautiful Kristen Kreuk!


Brian, here’s Kate Upton. I am sure there will be no objections!


Well, there we go! It cannot be said that I do not provide!

If I have missed anyone that you would like to see up here, let me know and I shall add her!


  1. Good job great list! Only one I don’t like is Anna Kendrick, she annoys me. Loved your Jen Law comment, the odds are always in her favor baby! And thank you for the Tom Hardy pic ok my day is going to be good now. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. A fantastic collection of gorgeous women, the only woman I would have added if I had constructed the list is Kristin Kreuk; I have had a crush on her since “Smallville” was on television.


  3. Nice post, Zoe! I think… Lol. Well, thanks for the Tom Hardy anyway. ; ) Agree with some of the girls on this (Melanie Laurent, Emily Blunt, Amber Heard when she’s not overly made up and trying too hard). Not even heard of 7 or 8 of these! Boys have odd taste sometimes… Seth’s choice is still the best! Lol! Angela Lansbury rules!


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