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Here we are on a Friday and it’s possible you may not hear from me ever again after today but I did want to put something out about this… I really liked this movie – I thought it was the best of the bunch! I really did. That Quicksilver scene was an absolute CLASSIC and when Wolverine asks “You gonna pick up that shit?” I totally cracked up. But now – since most of my friends out here have already written about this and done MUCH better pieces than I could AND since when I googled XMEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST MOVIE POSTER and one of the returns on the top was Anna Paquin as Rogue AND since it’s getting ready to begin it’s final season AND since yesterday’s post got everyone all worked up and horny – let’s talk about the ladies of True Blood.

I really liked the first two seasons of this, before it got all Were-panthery and Fairy-y. I also really liked Anna Paquin and the fact that she was getting naked-y and doing it all over the place. YUM.XMEN4

I also liked Pam throughout the whole thing. I liked her attitude and the character in general. XMEN5

I HATED Tara in every episode. Nothing to do with the actress or anything – I just hated her character. Yell-y and scream-y and attitude-y and whiny and gripe-y and just UGH. There’s a reason I don’t hang around with people like that – I hate them.XMEN6

I also always liked Arlene even though she could get on my nerves a little. You know, back when I use to listen to the radio on my way to work, one morning the radio guys did an interview with her and she said that she’s the only one on the show that never got her boobs out. Pity….


UM – I don’t think I need to say anything about this pic.
Lizzy Caplan

I also liked this chick even though she wasn’t on there very long.XMEN8

In the season this started to suck, I did like Lindsay Pulsipher but not her meth addict Were-panther-ness and her hillbilly family. She was also in a little movie that I HATED called THE OREGONIAN. I did a review of it that you could be the second person to ever read if you wanted to HERE.XMEN9

I know I surprised some people HERE when I put Rauch at the top of my TV crushes list but GOD DAMN she’s cute. She’s short and stacked and HOT! YUM YUM YUM YUM.XMEN10

And – since I’m running out of ideas and memories of other chicks on the show, here’s a picture of super sizzling Diora Baird who I just watched in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING. She didn’t fare too well in that movie but she would excel out here at the IPC. ♥♥♥♥♥ Here’s a follow up shot for good measure:XMEN11Oh well – I think that’s it for me today!! I hope everyone has GREAT weekends!!!!!








    • theipc

      Dear SBJB,

      I sure did – I liked it so much I couldn’t sully it by writing about it LOL….

      Hot stuff out here this week!!

      I hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!




  1. Haha! This is why I love the IPC. What starts out as a X-men review turns into copious ladies. Why not? Where you going EI? Are you secretly a mutant and you’re planning on getting captured by a sentinel? (Haven’t seen the film so that sentence was all guesswork.)


  2. Only my little OKC buddy could start a post off about X-Men, only to digress into a shameful pit of smut. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining in the least. There’s some lovely (and not so lovely) Friday morning eye-candy here. It’s not very often that I get to use the phrase, “Hubba-Hubba” at work (am I dating myself with that one?).


  3. you better not vanish!!! who else is going to start a movie review and then spend absolutely no time on the actual movie but instead veer off to talk about a totally unrelated tv show. LOL
    I know I say this a lot but I’ve read the books and not watched the TV show. Why do I read your reviews then, you ask. Well, because you’re hilarious and totes more entertaining than any movie or tv show. Oh, and Tara is an annoying cow in the books too…
    xxxxx kisses! ( just incase you do end up somebody’s bitch, locked in a basement where their are NO short hot chicks being picked off one by one.)
    : )

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dude. You wouldn’t believe the convoluted process involved in finally being able to comment here as myself. (I’m totally serious – yours is the only problem as you don’t have a clickable link to your blog by your name – don’t know why – you’re the only Proby who doesn’t. Oh! And Seth too, actually). :-/

    Anyway! Wow… You liked this X-Men film more than I did. I’m scared to review it. The Probies will be as mean to me as they were over the True Detective thing! ; )

    You know I read EVERY SINGLE WORD you ever write but I scrolled through the last bit of this post. :-p Sexy chicks, right? *yawn* ; ) (except for Melanie Laurent. Sexy sexy!) : )


  5. On your front page, I saw reviews for X-Men and Enemy, and I was like, “Wait. What the shit? Eric went all mainstream in my month plus hiatus. The world isn’t fucking right?”

    And then I read this.

    And now I’m like, “Wooh.” Bullet dodged.


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