Isaacs Picture Conclusions



I would like to apologize in advance that the sizes of these pictures vary but it was surprisingly difficult to find large, high res images of the pictures I wanted to convey the piece here. Sorry!


Anyway – by the time this posts I may or may not be back in America, I may or may not be getting raped in my butt in a Mexican prison, I may or may not have died in a fiery plane crash, I may or may not have been eaten by a shark, etc. etc. etc. But I want to put this out anyway. Hopefully you all had a GREAT week last week – I really don’t know what’s coming / came out while I will be gone (how’s that for mixing tenses??!) but I am SURE they were / are going to be brilliant!! So if I’m dead or marooned at sea or imprisoned, at least I’ll have some shit scheduled ahead of time and can potentially let my Rocky series be my swan song(s).


In the event of my untimely death (or “way too overdue” according to Brian) by any of the means above or at the hands of a steroid-ed out Russian boxer, I bequeath (the following) to (the following):ROCKY4C

  • My prized collection of Doctor Who (Classic) VHS tapes to CARA GALE
  • My boxes of Playboys from 1990-99 to BRIAN
  • My entire run (both individual episodes and remastered Blu-Rays) of Star Trek TOS to ZOE
  • All of those Compact Discs I bought during the 80s and 90s to CINEMA PARROT DISCO
  • My New Years Eve Spaceman Hat to TIM
  • The bottle of pickles that’s been sitting in the upstairs closet for 11 years to MIKE
  • That beveled glass brandy snifter that I use as a shot glass to MELISSAROCKY4D
  • My collection of coats (my mom buys me one every year for Xmas it seems) to SMASH because I don’t want her to get cold
  • That cabinet I made with my own bare hands to MARK for his whisky
  • The other cabinet I made with my own bare hands to JOSEPH for his towels and toilet paper
  • That hollow Oklahoma Constitutional Law book to the other MELISSA in my life for her… um…. tobacco pipe and accessories!
  • All of those boxes of flavored Italian Ice in my garage freezer to THE CRITICAL CINEPHILE because she lives near me and can get them home before they melt
  • My collection of hotel shampoos and hair caps for the shower to ROB because good hair hygiene is key


  • My shaving brush and my back up unopened shaving brush boxes to SETH because he’s going to need to shave that beard at some point
  • My collection of books on Alternative History to ANNA because I bet she’d like them
  • My stack of Sunday “Funny Papers” dating back to January 2009 that I saved to do the crosswords to LUKE because – just because
  • My Star Trek Engineering hoodie to TOM – wear it with PRIDE, son!
  • My TARDIS mini-fridge and Marvin bobblehead to MR MOVIE
  • The coat rack that I stole from my old manager’s office and never returned to ABBI so she can hang her outfits on it
  • My third place Angry Birds trophy Mary made for me in 2010 to THREE ROWS BACK
  • To LAUREN, I leave my three pair of Star Trek socks. I’ve only ever worn the Science socks so the Engineering and Command colors should be safe


I think that’s about it – I would hate to leave anyone out but time is running short on my departure and that’s about everything interesting I own. If I SHOULD manage to defeat the agent from the Evil Empire or just make it back home safely, I am going to be one hungover fucker from drinking Margaritas and Tequila shots all week. I am also probably going to be sad and crabby and have 2000 work emails to catch up on and several hundred blog posts to go read so I scheduled a week of posts that no one has ever read or looked at all week. But who knows – things could change.

I am scared to death to fly so if I don’t make it back: I LOVED YOU!!!

If I do: I LOVE YOU!!!!

(but not Brian)

P.S. Don’t forget – SHITFEST SUMMER is set to start July 1st 2014. Send in your entries now to get a slot!! If I die, you can also send them to who can also schedule and post them and will probably add some hot piece of ass dude’s ass to it.SFS1


  1. Abbi

    Oh Eric, you sweet sweet boy. As much as I would LOVE a stolen coat rack the world would be a much sadder place without you so please come back safe!


    • theipc

      Abbi – your fond sentiments got me back whole. I thank you so much.

      Say – did you get that Twitter message I sent you? I know Direct Message only works about half of the time….


  2. I’d be too sad to wear those Star Trek socks. I’d have to place them on my wall as part of a shrine while watching a list of Shitfest films in your memory! Hope your come back in one piece 🙂


  3. Yeeeesss! Don’t die or get maimed or anything. Not today, Death!
    But someday I will be very pleased to inherit all of those coats. Especially since they will probably be comically huge on me. How tall are you anyways?


  4. first of all, I’m glad you made it back alive, unmolested and no more mentally damaged than before you left the country : )
    second, THANK YOU for not taking about Rocky4 at all in this post, most most appreciated!!!
    last but not least, much love back at you and thanks for thinking of me and wanting to leave me that hollowed out book…
    BUT, Why do you think the women named Melissa in your life seem to have such vices? LMAO
    welcome back!!! xoxo


  5. Tom

    Man flying really really sucks.

    I would love to take that hoodie, though. I could always use more hoodies. Now does it say ‘Start Trek’ or ‘Star Trek’ on it?

    That’s the deal-breaker part, man. . . lol


  6. garylee828

    Damn it, I can’t believe I’m not in your will! I thought you’d leave me a Thunder jersey, or something, you bastard!! lol.


      • garylee828

        Come on, man, I noticed you seemed to take my critique of that movie too personally. lol. I thought the execution and the acting was very poor; but that has nothing to do with you. Yeah, I poke fun of it, and I totally disagree w/ you on this one, but they’re separate issues. I love “Hard Candy” as it’s in my top 5 favorite movie list, and you hate that one, but I don’t take it personally. I think you may have been offended b/c of the way I poked fun of it and insulted it, but that’s just my personality. I highly praise films I love and blast films I hate, pretty much the same way we write shitfest entries. lol. “Raze” likely won’t be the last film you love that I may hate and blast, and I’m sure you will blast some films that I loved, as well; all part of movie blogging and having fun; the more passionate we are about a film, love or hate, the more fun for me. Just know if I blast one of your favorites, it’s not a reflection on you. This is one of my top favorite movie blogs b/c you cover so many obscure films and I learn about titles I’ve never heard of. We do disagree a lot, but honestly we agree moreoften than not. When I recommend a film to you, I do so, with your tastes and preferences in mind, and not just recommending a film merely b/c I personally like it. There’s a lot of stuff I like that I wouldn’t recommend to you b/c I don’t think you’d care for it.

        Sorry this paragraph is so long. I’m quickly typing in the reply box and not the actual site, so it’s harder to edit. 🙂


      • theipc

        You know I was just fucking with you on the comment today 🙂

        Honestly, when I was doing that list, I just looked at who had commented on some posts recently… If I had gone back a little farther I am sure there would be more names 🙂


      • garylee828

        Yeah, you were kidding today, but on the day of my post you were pretty riled up. lol. All I know is I better get something OKC related! 🙂


  7. My Dearest PSC,

    Now please, please don’t die. Truly. However, that sounds like a pretty damn fine collection, so I will be honoured (one day in the exceptionally distant future).

    FANTASTIC Rocky 4 review!



    Liked by 1 person

  8. Awwww! You picked just the right inheritance for me, those books sound bad ass. But at the same time I’m glad you survived your flight!

    So pumped for Shitfest Summer! I think I’ve picked the perfect film! 😀


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