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Howdy everyone!! Just checking in… Do we still want to do a Shitfest in July?? Everyone seems awful busy… I totally understand if we need to postpone. I don’t even have my movie in my hands yet and my opening act is off on some beach getting drunk. Can you let me know below if you’re planning on sending me something soon or if we should wait? Either way is fine with me – this is to showcase YOU!

On a side note – I am having some serious internet problems here at HQ. I got back from vacation and discovered my WiFi router had been discovered by the overlords at work and subsequently disabled. After a lengthy shit-my-pants episode, I turned my phone into a WiFi hot spot and have internet on my iPad. The point of this is to tell you that I’m not ignoring anyone’s beautiful posts, but the wordpress app reader SUCKS, so I am having trouble getting to blogs. I’ll swing by when I get this shit figured out.

Anyway, let me know!! Happy Summer!!


  1. I have been working on mine a bit. Should be done soon 🙂


    My sympathies with the internet. Nothing more likely to make a person mad.


    • theipc

      I think I settled on starting in July and running it for as long as posts keep coming in – so if it goes into August that’ll be just fine : )

      (announcement tomorrow) 🙂


  2. Like others, I’ve always been a fan of the feature but never had the brass to participate. Will you allow me to join the ranks of your finest shit-watchers? I’LL BE ALL THAT I CAN BE!


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  4. Tom

    Yes, I am in. I am still to choose my film but I am definitely in! Damn those bastards at work! Never let the man keep you down, though. As I see you aren’t! Lol

    Good shit man, can’t wait! ! ! !


  5. You had your own wi-fi router at work? Awesome. Sucks that they finally found it.

    And I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be able to get you a submission this time. 1. I’m not sure what movie to do. 2. I’m finding blogging time hard to come by. Sorry.


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