Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Like I wrote yesterday, I saw this movie when I was a kid and it scared the piss out of me – literally. PISSSSSSSSSS PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS PISSSSSSSSSSSSS. So I was never very interested to see it again. Then, a couple of months ago, for some unknown reason, one of the actresses from this – Teri McMinn – started following me on Twitter so I got engaged to give it another go. I actually watched this one first out of the bunch and honestly – it wasn’t my favorite movie of all time. I do understand it’s considered a classic and all of that but it was really noisy and screechy and loud and sometimes irritating. I mean, I really did like a few things about it – like McMinn’s walk up to the house and when the two girls are fucking with a coke machine in the background at the general store – and a few other things too of course, but overall…. *shrugs* not my favorite.

TCM5I don’t really know what I could say about this that hasn’t already been said so I’ll go on about a couple of other things. For those of you who know me, either in real life or online life, you know that I don’t like things too noisy or care for a bunch of fucking commotion. It seemed like everyone in this movie screamed all of their dialogue and that fucking chainsaw was going off almost the entire second half of the movie so it was kind of irritating. Plus, as creepy as that dinner table sequence was, it was SO LOUD that I almost couldn’t get through it.


Speaking of irritating loudness, it’s 9:42 AM when I am writing this and yep, I just went for a piss and someone was in there shitting. I’m getting used to these unfortunate events in my life but – for real – WHO SHITS THAT FUCKING LOUD???? GRUNT GRUNT PLOP PLOP THTHTHTHTHTHTHT PISSSSSSSS PLOP PLOP. REALLY?? The other day I ate Asian food all day and had to make a public poo but I hid in the corner and put a bag over my head and broke out the prayer cloth and prayed no one came in there.TCM4

Oh well – enough of that nonsense. I’m curious about something though – maybe you lot can help me out here? (I’ve always wanted to use that word, lot) Anyway – so in the prequel I went on about yesterday, Leatherface was a hulking giant of a man who could probably bench 600 pounds and rip your legs off without a problem. In this one he was just kind of a tall, fat dude but I always remember him wearing a neck tie which is traditionally a male thing to do. As you know, Shitfest is coming up and I have something to say about something regarding this franchise during it, but – is Leatherface supposed to be trying to be a woman??? I mean – in this poster he’s wearing a necktie but he also appears to have some sort of dress on and a womanly hairdo.
TCM2tcm7Does anyone know?

Oh well – at least I fucking tried, right?


  1. Hi! Nice post : )
    I, total nerd that I am, think i can help. Leatherface was inspired by ed gein… Ed gein decided he wanted to be a woman and started creating a ‘woman suit’ from dead women he either killed or grave robbed. Dude was fucked up… He’d wear their dead skin and hair.
    Have fun with that thought!

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  2. You’re right, this film is really loud! Between all the screaming and the chainsawing it’s one loud mess. I don’t know if they’re trying to make Leatherface into a lady, they might be just trying to make him look completely crazy. There’s nothing crazier than wearing a necktie and a dress at the same time. Imagine seeing that on the street. I would avoid them for sure, regardless of whether they had a leather face or not.


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