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Huh… well…. hmmm….. I guess this was OK…. I guess…. It’s pretty pointless and not much like the original we talked about yesterday.  I suppose it’s not as loud and screechy but you do have to deal with Eric Balfour who can be an iffy addition to any cast. Remember THIS??? Some guys you just don’t like.  I don’t have much to say about this lethargic entry in the franchise either. Leatherface is once again a hulking mammoth of a man, there’s lots of screaming and yelling and blood and pot smoking and R. Lee Ermey and talk of corpse desecration and chainsaws and…. no boobs.ttcm03b

Does anyone remember in the original when they pick up that hitchhiker and he messes around with a knife and the fellow in the wheelchair gets all freaked out? Well, in here they pick up a female hitchhiker who goes babbling on and on about how bad some man is and then she pulls a gun out of her Hoo Haw and blows her brains out.


Surely she’s talking about Leatherface? Why did this unstoppable killing machine let her get away? He chases down and kills EVERYONE else. Why does she have a gun stuffed in her junk?? If she wanted to live so much, why did she blow herself to smithereens? That looked like a pretty small handgun – how did it completely blow her head to pieces and blow out the window???

Oh well….


Honestly, I can’t really think about much else to say about this thing. Some twenty somethings get carved up for dinner by a dude wearing another dude’s face. I’ve always been a fan of Jessica Biel’s bod, so….ttcm03c

Let’s observe some testimonials about her boobs:


Jessica Biel’s boobs.
Like two golden eggs, wrapped in
soft velvet. Stunning.


WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: All I have to say is good… but nowhere near as good as Amy Adams. Her boobs are the ultimate boob

JOHNLINK MOVIES: I normally wouldn’t talk about this kind of thing. But, since you asked, I think Jessica Biel has beautiful eyes. This is a really thoughtful expose you are doing.



Well this is one of the weirdest emails I have ever received.

Jessica Biel’s breasts are alright. Nothing especially interesting about them. They are about average size and seem perky. I expect a better choice Isaac when talking about some Ta Tas. I actually would prefer bigger or smaller boobs. You have really got me thinking now Isaac! Am Googling so many boobs now.

SNAP CRACKLE WATCH! : I hate Jessica Biel and her smug ass Justin Timberlake luving boobs!

GARY: I got…nothing!  Go F yourself, Isaacs! 🙂  I actually pay attention to women’s facial features much more than bodies. I love their eyes, lips, smile, hair. I like high cheekbones and a squared jaw. I love brunettes and brown eyes. Jessica Biel is attractive, but not my preference. Jessica Alba is my preference. 🙂

MARKED MOVIES (1): The little pink noses on Jessica Biel’s milk puppies are a thing to behold. 😉

MARKED MOVIES (2): Biel’s breests are a couple o’ steeshers!!




Let’s talk about Blade: Trinity. I am sure most of you also drifted to this movie, when Jessica Biel’s mammary mountains were brought into question. Phallic objects and all that. Anyway, Blade Trinity is a movie that is difficult to review, because no one has any idea what terrible thing to start discussing. Maybe we should talk about the two great films that went before it that shoves it into obscurity. Maybe we could talk about how most of the actors on display here drift through this movie, phoning in a performance, rather than giving one. Maybe we could talk about the vampire dogs, but the total stupidity of that addition to the Blade canon is pretty self-explanatory when you see a poodle with vampire face. There is a whole lot of reasons why Blade Trinity should be staked, left in the sunlight and given garlic bread.

But there are two reasons why I cannot truly hate this movie. In a movie of terrible things, those two reasons stand firm and erect. Those two reason keep me up at night, as I picture them before bed. Those two reasons would fit so perfectly into my hands, I cannot bring myself to criticise their appearance in this garbage film. Staring longingly at those two reasons was the cause for my last girlfriend to leave me. Those two reasons look amazing when hidden behind a white t-shirt after being plunged in cold water. Emphasis on the cold. And the boob part of that sentence. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that Jessica Biel’s tits are the only reason to watch Blade: Trinity.

PARLOR OF HORROR: Holy mama fun-bags! I haven’t seen a set of real ‘uns like that since Charo danced on the Carol Burnett Show in 1975. Living proof that ‘all natural’ beats artificially flavored any day of the week. I give Jessica my nomination for the ‘Golden Globes’ awards. 🙂



With my little eye I spies
That 36C is her bra size

And 36-25-35 inches of love
Can bring me down as a shot dove

Oh Jessica. Your boobs drive me crazy
Now I do feel my eyes going a little hazy

So with a start of a cold shower
I will have me a Jessica Biel happy hour

THE SPORADIC CHRONICLES OF A BEGINNER BLOGGER: Jessica Biel’s boobs… what to say? Contrary to popular belief, other women do look at these things. I would say she has decent boobs. Or used to. I haven’t seen her in anything recently so I have no idea how they have been holding up and all that. So I guess ultimately I am neutral to them. Not necessarily the boobs I would wish and beg to have or anything, anyway.

ERIC ISAACS: I’d Motorboat the shit out of those Funbags.


M: Jessica Biel has boobs?? When did she buy those?? LOL

ME: LOL – is that the feedback you want me to use??

M: yup LOL that’s my final answer

M: See… Top two no boobs. Bottom two padding or paid for either way… Nah




Jessica Biel’s boobs;
Twin orbs of beauty defined
As a sculptor’s dream.

Silence, Exile, Cunning … Maple Syrup: this was the first email i opened today: what a nice way for me to start my day! 🙂 i don’t have any profound thoughts, other than i think she’s a better actress than people think, and if people could see past her beauty and bosom, she’d possibly be taken more seriously

TRANQUIL DREAMS: Never noticed. Don’t like her so don’t care about her boobs 😛

FILMNERDBLOG: Err, which one is Jessica Biel?  I always get Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba mixed up.  Feel free to quote me, on that.




I like everything about Jessica Biel, including her boobs. They are perky and perfect for her frame. But I’d rather talk about:

THAT ASS. Seriously. That scene in that one movie where Adam Sandler pretends to be gay and she strips out of her wet clothes? That scene prompted me to squat like a mother fucker because I wanted an ass like that. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly pulled a hamstring trying to look like that. Flawless. Not too big, not too small. Defies gravity, and levitates. It should have its own manager.

SILVER SCREEN SERENADE: Jessica Biel’s boobs?? Um. I guess they’re fine…?

CINEMA SCHMINEMA: I’ve never actually thought about her boobs before…I guess they’re nice


A Biel Boob Review by Weebs

I dutifully played many clips of Jessica Biel in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” and “Powder Blue,” and here’s my critical assessment:

Boob size: Eh, they’re pretty small. I’m a size queen when it comes to boobs. I like my women to have big racks, so Jessica doesn’t fit the bill here. C-

Boob perkiness: Small boobs do benefit from being able to stay perky, without that pesky gravity weighing them down. So she’s got the perky thing going on, at least. A-

Overall boob rating: I can’t give her any more than a B- for her rack as a whole. She’s got a slamming body but the chestular area is a disappointment to me.


The films of Jessica Biel – Reviewed by her boobs

Eric recently asked my to write something about Jessica Biel’s boobs. At first I assumed this once some kind of super ‘A Beautiful Mind’ type code to be broken possibly concerning selling nukes to Iran. Then I remembered I was talking to Eric.

With this knowledge in hand I attempted to find out the scoop on the movies of Jessica Biel. Naturally I went straight to the source of her power, her boobs and milked them for information. Here for you to enjoy is the creamy milk of my labour. Here is : The Films of Jessica Biel – Reviewed by her boobs!



I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRYI now pronounce you chuck and larry



THE A-TEAMthe_a_team24-picsay

Does anyone else have anything to say about these beauties?? I don’t have an email address for everyone I interact with so I might have missed you on my big email. Let me know below and I’ll add them up here!


  1. Dear PSC,

    I see why this became a bear of a post to construct though ahahaha. I do love some of these answers though, they really covered everything!




  2. Well done everyone! Sorry EI, I saw the email but I’ve been stupid busy all week. I guess Jess’s boobs just aren’t that great because I straight up forgot about them. But I will agree with whoever said she has a great ass, that thaaang is spectacular!


  3. These are some of the most insightful and thought-provoking assessments I’ve read in ages. And I agree that Jessica Biel’s ass is much more worthy than her boobs.

    But my dear Mr. Isaacs, you know I love you, but don’t you think it would be fairly difficult to motorboat those funbags? You need waves to motorboat, you know. Hers are barely a splash.

    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc

      Weebles, how long have we known each other? How many cocktails have we shared under the moonlight?? How many Frenchmen have we skinned for pleasure???

      YOU KNOW I can make this happen!!


      • You’re right. I should have reflected more on this before commenting. If anyone can make thiis happen, it would be you, darling.

        Remember that guy, I think his name was Pierre, the one we skinned after we finished that bottle of absinthe? That was awesome. The memory of his squeals still fills me with glee.


      • theipc

        YES!! Poor Pierre. He never should have tried to spray his filthy French essence your way. We flayed him and we flayed him well!



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  5. I have reported this to the mods and flagged it as mature. I don’t go on the internet to be bombarded with posts about celebrities breasts. What have you sunk too Isaacs……. 😦

    P.S She is fit and is sporting a fantastic rack. Timberlake is a lucky boy 🙂
    P.P.S Love that your site is still going strong, I’ve missed you buddy boy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Bahahahaha so THIS is what that question was about!!! Glorious. If I had known these guys were gonna pull out all the stops, I would’ve put more effort into it!!! I’ll go for it next time–whenever you ask about Chris Evans’ butt. 😉


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