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WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Next Friday – the 11th – here at the IPC, we’ll be holding our first ever Nighttime Shitfest Social!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! HUZZAH!!! EXCELSIOR!!!

And…. since 5:00 is my bed time – your host will be none other than the infamous and diabolical CINEMA PARROT DISCO!!

Since we want to accommodate some of our hard working North American friends, colleagues and acquaintances, we’ve set the time for 5:00 PM U.S. CENTRAL TIME. That’s 6:00 PM U.S. EASTERN TIME and 11:00 PM UK time. Mrs. Mutant has agreed to go a little later but that’s getting close to midnight her time and that’s awful late – so hopefully we can all get fired up at 5:00.

Also – since she betrayed her country and moved to England, we had to find something she could get her hands on in the UK (apparently Netflix and iTunes are different there) and the choice is the miserable piece of shit known as:


This is how it works – at the agreed upon time, we all turn the movie on at the same time and talk about it (chewing it to pieces) in the comments section of the post that night. These are always good fun and you can check out the first two HERE and HERE if you want a little taste.

I HOPE EVERYONE CAN JOIN IN!! It will be a blast!!



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  2. Tom

    I have this time and date marked down but I can’t promise I’ll remember. But I will most definitely try to chime in. This is such a cool idea. At the very least, I can’t wait to read a whole slew of nasty comments bemoaning the time spent watching this piece of garbage. haha. Bring it!!!!

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  3. garylee828

    Wait, wait, wait a second, I thought this was supposed to be “shitfest” and we could watch something like “Birdemic” or “Ultra Christ” but no one said anything about Tara Reid! That’s taking it to an entirely different level and this time Isaacs, you’ve gone too far!! This is “shitfest”! Not “green diarrhea fest”!! LOL. πŸ™‚

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      • garylee828

        I just don’t know if I can sit thru this one; i don’t know if I got the guts. I’m scared Adrienne. I ain’t got what it takes to go the distance.


      • garylee828

        I wonder if it’s as great as that “Devil’s Pond” movie she did where she decides she wants to divorce her husband on their honeymoon; it didn’t take long to be married to Tara Reid before it drove him mad.


      • garylee828

        Yeah, that’s why I brought it up. I caught a few minutes of it on TV a few months before your entry. lol.


      • garylee828

        So, are you going to be watching Alone in the Dark on Friday? I thought maybe you wouldn’t be able to make it, which is why someone else was hosting.


      • theipc

        Actually no – I won’t be – which is why there’s a guest host πŸ™‚ I’ll be checking out the comments and maybe popping in a little though.


  4. I always wanted to do something social on a grand scale, more along the lines of a chatroom thing and posting the comments as a review, but I figured it would be a ballache for people to scroll through. This method sounds good, I’m guessing people just keep visiting your site and refreshing for new comments? (Cynical people would say your upping your stats like a yankee whore) πŸ˜‰

    1) How do your comments from your community have ‘like’ under them? Love that idea.
    2) Im off next friday, and own this film (fuck off). I will TRY to book this in, its late enough my girl will be asleep so I MIGHT get away with it πŸ™‚


    • theipc

      TyTy, did you check out those two links on this post? Those were fucking epic posts! And LOL you know I’ve never given a real fuck for stats : )

      Ummmmmm…. It’s been a long time since I set that up… I think it was in the “sharing” section of WP…

      We would love to have you!!


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