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Hi! Eric is in bed for the night so it’s Table Cinema Mutant Disco Parrot the 9th here. THIS MOVIE STARTS IN 30 MINUTES, EVERYONE! Let’s trash this thing in the comments below!

Press PLAY at 11:00pm UK / 5:00pm US Central Time. Synchronize your watches, people!!!! Or, like, set your iPhone alarms. Or whatever. 🙂



  1. Abbi

    Comment from Mr O (world’s most flamboyant straight man): “Why is he wearing a lady top?” Then he started muttering about a Interview With a Vampire.


    • He also made a film called Blubberella about “an overweight woman whose footsteps cause explosions and whose dual swords are used against anyone who makes fun of her”, which also involves Nazis. ERIC – please watch this and let us know what you think of it!

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  2. garylee828

    I like the way that knife flew right into that guy’s heart; looked like it was sliding down a clothesline they deleted from the frame.


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  4. Reading these comments after the event, while I watch the film alone (but not in the dark), and trying to resist the temptation to like everything you guys said.

    Great work.


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  7. Dammit, I even had two chances at this. I’m the worst.
    But again, I have to say.. T-Reids is looking pretty great on that poster. I’m glad she’s finally found a surgeon who gets her.


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