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For those of you who have been around for a while (and are still around) you might remember that three of us went out and started a new blog called The Blogger’s Cut and made a bunch of comic strips based on movies and old TV shows. Well, after we were really getting the hang of it, our graphics guy disappeared and has never been heard from again so production stopped and I’ve been sad ever since.

Well – seeing as those were some of my favorite things I’ve EVER done AND seeing as how I’ve taught myself how to do some graphics work on my computer here – I am going to re-run one of the series out here – every Sunday at noon my time. After I’m done re-posting the originals (there’s 19 of em) I’ll unleash the new bits – granted they won’t be as fancy as what our graphics guy did but hopefully they’ll still be as funny.

For those of you not familiar, or old enough, Three’s Company was a North American sitcom from back in the early 80s that launched the careers of John Ritter and Suzanne Somers. It was known for it’s pratfalls and sexual innuendo. Well – we take that sexual innuendo to great heights doing these things and I think they are really fucking funny!! Be sure – these are NSFW ALL THE WAY and we make sure to poke fun at all nationalities, mostly Canadians, Greeks and The French – so – if you’re easily offended, you might clear out the back door on these – but it’s really all in good fun.

I’m REALLY, REALLY excited about this and hope you all get a kick out of them! here’s some teasers from the first and second seasons…


We’ll be Shitfesting again tomorrow with an entry by a surprising blogger who watched something even I have never had the balls to watch….

P.S. I learned something the other day. The United States Postal Service has this new program called something like “One Box, One Rate” (or something) where basically you buy a box, pack shit up and they’ll mail it all over the world, with a twenty pound limit. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I might be able to afford to ship one of these Shitfest trophies overseas…..


  1. Although we never met and he has been dead for ten years I truly madly deeply love John Ritter, and I can think of few better ways to honor his memory than you all making dirty comic strips out of Three’s Company because face it, we all know they wanted to be offensive and had to hint at it! Huzzah!


    • garylee828

      10 years? Been that long? Doesn’t seem like it. He was always great no matter what he was in, even in mediocre roles. He was good in “Sling Blade”. Everyone was!


  2. Hilarious! I can’t wait. Anyone easily offended has already unfollower you – like a long time ago – so I don’t think there’s much risk of offending the easily offended any more. #LOVEYOU!
    Oh, and I cannot believe that you had to explain three’s company… that makes me feel old – is it too early to start drinking because now I think I need to.


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