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Howdy Most Beloveds –

I wanted to take a quick SHITFEST break and briefly talk about a movie I just saw in the theater. Entering the mall, I was immediately introduced to a throng of screaming kids and Undesirable People and – this ALWAYS blows my mind – slow walking mother fuckers that just stop right in front of you and act like they’re thinking about something (or something). This is why I don’t go out into the public much, but aside from that and the excessive level of stress and despair I was confronting while interacting with my fellow humans, I went into LUCY with an open mind and ready for a Luc Beeson written and directed summer action flick.

I usually don’t post on Saturdays – or even after watching a movie – because I am slow and dumbassy and take forever to write something up – but – being the guy that I am, I wanted to put something out about this, in case you wanted to go see it this weekend. Marketed as a kick ass ScarJo action film – this fails. Sure, there’s a bunch of action and when it does fire up it’s pretty fucking awesome but, to the casual viewer, you might be disappointed in that. There’s a LOT of fucking talking going on here.

And – as you may or may not know, I’m not a big fan of a lot of fucking dialogue, but – there’s something here that I want to address. Most of you think of me as the “Blood and Boobs” guy but, occasionally, I do like to get deep. I’m actually rather shy and reclusive in real life but my close, CLOSE friends (the few they are) know that I like to get deep on occasion.

I would never say that “I’m smart” or “use even two percent of my brain”, but something in this movie really moved me. Long, LONG term readers might remember this interview I did with one of my longest friends who I called The Bone Doctor HERE. Looking at that post – wow – only one person who liked it back then is still around in an active fashion. But – in it, if you’re too arsed to go look at it – I made a special question up just for him. It goes like this:


My theory on life and death is that we are all energy and travel in infinite circles, interacting with each other forever. Sometimes we are on different paths of the arc and we don’t interact but we’ll always meet and be together again. In this model, you and I have and always will be friends. What do you think of this?

I sure hope so, because I think in the next reality we meet in we’ll have some of the answers the questions we’ve been asking and there’s nobody else I can discuss them with! (ED: YEP! And that’s how we get smarter!)

LUCY, in it’s way, addresses this and provides something I missed in my studies. That, if we travel like this how do we, or can we, qualify existence as we know it. Lucy, the character, provides the answer: “Time is the Unifier”.

I want to split before I get too deep – but that conversation in this movie and the sequence before the actual end REALLY meant a lot to me. SO, in a way, I LOVED this movie. But – as an action movie – despite some really cool scenes and cool effects / camera work – it’s not so much going to be everyone’s favorite. So yeah, I loved it… but yeah.


  1. I’ll definitely watch this when it comes out here later this week! I loved your opening paragraph about the mall, as I feel your pain! I hate dealing with stupid people and kids particularly in overcrowded areas, I much prefer to stay at home and live like a hermit 🙂


  2. K read it… I like how your brain works, when it’s not a cesspool of filth and boobs, that is. Ok, fine, then too.
    : )

    I’d dismissed this one from my, even when it comes to TV, list but i’ll put it back on there. I mean, it got you to post on a Saturday!


  3. Jason Kindleman

    This post made me miss some of those deep conversations we have had in the past. The Mystery patiently awaits our further inspection!


    • theipc

      That line really got me to thinking last night…. You’ll LOVE her Explanation! And the big scene leading up to the end. I won’t lie, it had me a little teary thinking that someone else has come to our conclusions…

      And it helped me with the Answer: Time is the Unifier.


  4. You lost me. Stick to talking about boobs. ; )

    Okay. I’ll be honest. I know it’s not had great reviews but I really like the sound of it so I’ll be watching it at some point. You MAY have convinced me a LITTLE bit to keep it on my list. ; ) You should watch The Zero Theorem, dude. I can’t remember if you read my review or if you were too distracted by my gif… Lol


  5. I totally get what you mean! That is some True Detective shiz right there. Time is a flat circle and so on. I probably won’t end up seeing Lucy but I think any film that makes you reflect on life is generally a good one!


  6. Tom

    I took this movie from a Luc Besson-and-how-is-he-going-to-dupe-me-again sort of perspective!!! LOL! I came in with kind of a negative look on it from the outset (which I now look back and think not really fair) but even with that in mind, there was a lot of shit in here that i loved. The time traveling sequences (the interaction with the woman ape was great), and some of the action set pieces were tasty. Overall the dialogue and general other stuff was below par for me so I kinda treated this one harshly. Great review though man! I like it: Eric’s Philosophical Conclusions.


    • theipc

      The time travel shit was fucking fantastically executed!! I LOVED IT!! Thanks Tom! The more I think about this movie the more I think I love it!


  7. Dearest Deep and Meaningful PSC,

    Hmmmm, very cool. Loved your little write up. I am intrigued once again. I might check it out at some stage.




  8. Skeletor

    Not gonna lie, I really liked it. It was NOT what I expected, so it took me about a day to come to that conclusion. To be honest, I agree with your energy theory, as we do not truly disappear, we just become energy in a less “orderly” form one way or the other….it was a beautiful thing to share, and I’ve always felt the same way. The effects were cool, and ScarJo is one of the hottest females ever to grace the surface of the planet, so that certainly helped. I’m a fan of dialogue, though no one nails it better than Quentin Tarantino. I was taken by surprise but was not disappointed. I’ll probably get this on Blu-Ray.

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    • Skeletor

      There is one thing that baffled me in the end: if Lucy was so smart after her brain evolved, why did she need Morgan Freeman’s advice on what to do with her newfound knowledge? The Much Better Half and I came up with our own theory, WWMFD….what would Morgan Freeman do? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Skeletor

        Well, the thing is, at the point she asked MF for his advice, her brain had already evolved to the point it could control the body’s metabolism, as well as manipulate simple radio waves…I figured a brain that intelligent could figure out what to do with its knowledge. That is the root of my confusion.

        As for time, I am not convinced that it exists, so that was a low point of the movie for me. I’ve found myself in the depths of my brain many times trying to figure out if I believe it exists or not, and I always come to the same conclusion: what if everything just is and always has been? I mean, there is obviously evidence of some sort of a primordial explosion, which possibly formed the root beginnings of our universe as we know it, but we still do not know the source of that primordial explosion. What if that primordial explosion happens to be as common as childbirth? With a rate of millions of explosions per Earth-seconds, and we still do not know what is causing it? There could be billions of universes undiscovered, but the thing that it came from always just was, and always will be.

        I’m not saying I believe in a god, I think the idea is absolutely absurd, though it can’t really be proven one way or another. I move closer to straight up in-your-face atheism every day. However, the only measurement we have of time is that of our planet’s evolution around a single star. How that dictates time of the entire universe does not make sense to me, so it doesn’t make sense to me how we can truly grasp time to begin with. If we cannot grasp it, I debate its existence! Isn’t our knowledge limited to only what we can grasp?

        It also baffles me that in Star Trek, all these foreign planets and aliens all use Earth time. I approached my Much Better Half with this inquiry mid-Deep Space 9 Marathon, and he told me to shut up and watch the Ferengies. 🙂


      • theipc

        You know I need to get some liquor in me to think about and talk about this shit – so let me get a cocktail tonight and get back with you.

        Good to hear from you!!

        Now shut it and go watch some Ferengies 🙂 🙂


  9. Skeletor

    I would like to add, Stephen Hawking has some interesting ideas on actually bending space time, and space time vs. Earth time. It is quite plausible time does exist, but not in a way that we can fully and truly understand it. Only time will tell.



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  11. I watched this film last night!

    I liked it for the same reason you did. Coz I’ve had those theory conversations as well. Then you see it spelled out in a movie and you think, ‘whoa, somebody else is on the same wavelength.’

    Lucy sez something like – ‘Nobody ever really dies…’ – something like that. That’s it. That’s us. Coz we’re made up of energy, see. And energy can’t be destroyed, can’t die. Ergo, WE don’t die.

    The other thing I thought – Lucy was a faster, more succinct version of Transcendence! Well, sort of…

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