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To: “nas tay bitch”.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for taking the time for reading my thoughts on SUGAR BOXX. I would also like to thank you for your time spent commenting on the image embedded in that entry titled “BOXX3”. In case you have forgotten, your comment went as follows:

nas tay bitch

the tall awkward girls name is joie miller and shes been fucking my husband knowing that im pregnant and still with him married and all. she belongs in these type of movies cuz all she knows how to do is lay on her back and spread her legs to any and every dick that comes swinging. she is a true embarrassment to woman everywhere. not only does she disgrace herself but she disgraces her family as well. joie your an incompetent low class cheap whore who had a kid she didn’t even try taking care of. how pathetic can you be seriously… i hope your clit falls off one day.

I am truly sorry that Ms. Miller has been fucking your husband while you are / were pregnant and married. That’s a real shame. My mother tells me that the man who offered up his sperm so I could be born was doing the same thing on the day I was being taken from her womb. The child can develop a lot of psychological trauma from hearing that kind of news and can grow up resenting Father Figures and have a remorseful memory of childhood.

I find it also interesting to hear that she consistently lays on her back and spreads her legs for every swinging dick that comes by. I mean, SHIT! That’s a lot of fucking! I suppose it is, I mean, I don’t know where she lives, of course. She could live in a remote village where there aren’t too many males around, or even some Eunuchs, I guess. You know, like the fat fellow from Game of Thrones. My instinct makes me think she lives somewhere well populated, like a “City” – somewhere she could reside to get work in a film like this, no matter how shitty it might be. So, once again I’ll say – WOW – that’s a LOT of fuckin’!

In closing, I do respect and admire all of my readers and the people in the trade of making movies, with the exception of a few. I don’t know Ms. Miller and have never interacted with her, but I do want to convey that I hope she retains her clit.  I’ve lain with a few women in my life and I understand that that part of the body is very sensitive for the woman, and an integral part of the female’s pleasure during intercourse and / or foreplay.

Warmest Regards,



      • garylee828

        I like the concept, but the one thing I’ve noticed about the movie blogging community is how respectful most of the comments are; even the ones where we disagree, there’s never one where someone is just trolling or spewing mean-spirited remarks like they do on the IMDB sometimes. Point being, it’s too rare to come across comments to poke fun of, etc. Even “Nas Tay Bitch” wasn’t being mean to you, your blog or your review. I don’t think I’ve even seen anyone mean on here. So, most of the time for something like this to work, it generally needs to be in reply to something harsher. But if you get a certain comment you can write a humorous retort to, then definitely let it fly. That’s what I think. See what others think, as well…


      • theipc

        I think what’s funny is that I have a handful of them 🙂 this wouldn’t be like every week or anything… I just have some and would like to share. I can always include anything from Screenkicker…


  1. I was hoping this was some new and insidious spam, but it seems to be real. Man, I’m a little envious, cause I have been blogging for five years and have never gotten any hate mail. I should review more movies that star incompetent and inexpensive prostitutes.

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  2. Dearest Sinner,

    LOL! Really, just really. Wow, that was one intense comment, but I do so love your reply. Some real gems in there. All the more classic because I can hear you saying all this, and it just makes it all the more amusing!




  3. Wow…I mean…wow. You’ve got some…erm…interesting people paying visits, eh? I want to find out where this woman is simply so I can make sure I am far, far away…



  4. I have just one thing to say . . . .

    Fucking awesome!

    (Oh. And I lied. Now I have a second thing to say. Where do you come up with these readers – though I remember previously reading a post wherein you discussed this comment? Still, I have never had anything unusual in my comments – outside of spam, I suppose. I almost feel left out.) 🙂


    • theipc


      I don’t know – every now and again something like this will pop up in my pending comments and I’ll get a laugh out of it. The next one of these I’ll do is a real crack up, telling me how dumb I am 🙂

      I know it’s difficult-ish to comment on posts if you don’t have a WP login but sometimes people will have something to say….

      I think my first “stranger” comment was on something called The Teacher by someone going by Ding Ding (or something)


  5. Am i the only one who read this and immediately went looking for Joie Miller on imdb? She doesn’t seem to exist: there is a Joie Renae credited as “Ranch Hooker # 1”; I’m assuming that’s her. is it?? She’s only appeared in Sugar Boxx, probably because she’s been doing all that fucking and has no time to pursue a film career.

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    • theipc

      I don’t know if you read the comments on this post but yes – it appears she’s changed her name and our friend Seth went tracking her down to see if her clitoris had fallen off yet but couldn’t find her publicly… she must be too busy fucking everyone to dabble in Social Media…


  6. Kudos to the IPC for getting this sort of response to its posts. Your readers are certainly passionate about film 😉 Is Nas Tay Bitch a long-time follower of the IPC, or does she just Google Sugar Boxx looking for reviews of it so she can tell the world how she feels about Miss Miller’s clitoris?

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