Isaacs Picture Conclusions

AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!!!!!!!!



The lovely and magnificent Abigail has entered The Octagon and come out victorious, hauling the heads of her victims in a blood soaked burlap sack over her shoulder. She joins the previous three Glorious and Most Impressive Shitfestonians as The One Who Survived which you can read about at the link below or use your eyeballs to marvel at some pictures below that : )


trophy befitting a champion


My people will now begin negotiations with her people to determine the reward. Will she take a cash payout or will I slip into my basement and work my black magicks, casting and forging the souls of the innocents into a circular object capable of DESTROYING EVERYTHING YOU HOLD HOLY AND SACRED!!!!!!!????

We shall see – but for now:



  1. Abbi

    Reblogged this on Where The Wild Things Are and commented:
    O M fucking G. I’ve only gone and won Shitfest Summer 14! For those who don’t know, Shitfest is a quarterly contest run by Eric at the IPC, where movie bloggers review the worst of the worst films. At the end of the contest reviews are open for votes and the one with the most votes wins. This was my first ever Shitfest so I cannot believe my shitty review of Eat Pray Love actually took the grand prize out of so many awesome reviews! Thank-you to everyone who voted for me. I love you all. This is better than the Oscars! Read the original post for more info and links to reviews. I need to have a lie down after so much excitement!

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  2. Congrats, Abbi! Can I come & visit your trophy?? *pout* ; ) You deserve this because I think you suffered more than any of us having to watch that Julia Roberts piece of shit. I wanted to punch her character just reading your review! : )

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  3. garylee828

    Congrats, Abbi!!! “Eat Pray Loathe” was my favorite “written” movie review this time around! You ventured out into territory even Isaacs, nor myself would dare to go – and that was 2 hours of Julia Roberts parading around in all of her self-righteousness!

    A well-deserved victory…but would even winning the lottery be worth the anguish suffered from this wretched filth you watched!?

    “I want everyone who was going to buy me a birthday gift to send a donation to my friend and buy her a new house!” LOL.

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  4. Congrats, Abbi: you’re the shits! I have not seen Eat Pray Love, and after your deliciously horrific review of it, will certainly avoid it. Actually, that’s not quite true: If I ever get my hands on a copy of it, I won’t watch it, but I will drink massive amounts of prune juice and then wait for nature to take its course while I crouch over the DVD. I will do this in honour of you and your review. Thanks to IPC and all the Shitfest reviewers; I can’t wait for Shitfest Autumn: i have the laxatives set aside.

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  6. Tom

    Ack! I missed the review itself but you can be sure I’ll be heading over that way now.

    CONGRATS ABBI! way to go!!! (also, beginner’s luck. 😛 )


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