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I really don’t have much to say about this one… I didn’t LOVE it…. I thought it was really loud and screechy and pretty boring for the most part. I know at least one person is going to jump my shit because it’s not my favorite movie but… I’m all about my honest opinion here. What else can I say? Here’s how I feel about this movie in pictures:


Hi everyone – Table9Mutant of Cinema Parrot Disco here. I’m ransacking this joint because I’m trying to find where Eric creates these Shitfest trophies. Because I WANT ONE, dammit!!! I figure he creates them in his basement but I’m afraid to go down there & discover Stephen Dorff guarding the gate to hell or dismembered bodies or a secret stash of My Little Pony DVDs or something. I’ll go down in a minute – call the cops if you don’t hear back from me soon. Or call Screenkicker Mike Boyd – he’ll happily give you all his phone number! I know the almighty Shitfest trophy will soon be very near me when it makes its way to its new home with Abbi in London. I could possibly pay her a visit just to finally be able to gaze upon the beauty of one of Eric’s creations and feel its dark powers but I’m afraid that just won’t do – I must have one of my OWN. It will be mine. Oh yes – it will be mine…

While I gather up my courage to go into Eric’s basement, I just want to quickly address this review he’s done for horror classic Rosemary’s Baby. Umm. Three Top Hats? Reeeeaaaaally? This is from the guy who watches shit like Mad Cowgirl & The Oregonian. He finally reviews a worthy horror film & he gives it a three when he gave Oculus a FOUR?! (I gave it a 4.5. Out of TEN!). What the hell is with this guy?? I think Cara needs to chain him up again & together we’ll force him to watch more worthy classics. I mean, he did like On The Waterfront so there may be hope!

Okay. *Deep breath*

I’m going into Eric’s basement… Wish me luck. In the meantime, while you wait here & listen out for screams for help, have a look at the excellent review of Rosemary’s Baby that the lovely Anna of Film Grimoire did for my IMDB Top 250 Challenge HERE. Anna knows what she’s talking about! Listen to her! She likes good movies. 🙂

Goodbye all. For now…………………………………………….

Here’s Garrett Hedlund for your viewing pleasure:


Also, please take part in this poll:

What’s better? Coke or Pepsi??


What is this??? How do you people keep getting past security??? I guess I’m going to have to go audit those Author Permissions….

Anyway – for those of you who remember, when Rob did his Shitfest Post, he challenged The Good and Researchful Reader to see how many movies you could guess from a series of ten stills. Well, it’s time for that contest to close and I regret I fear Oh FUCK I am happy to report that Cinema Parrot Disco and her team of Researchbots correctly identified NINE of the ten and she can now choose five movies each for Rob and I too watch over the next month or so (depending on availability).



  1. We have a dvd of Rosemary’s Baby… I don’t know if I like it… I hated the husband, and that old lady, Ruth Gordon, was effing scary, even scarier than the devil himself. Off topic…. Ronan Farrow of MSNBC does look like his mother, Mia Farrow, though sometimes, he looks like his father, Frank Sinatra, especially Ronan’s sky blue eyes.

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  2. Dear PSC and Miss Mutant,

    Very well played you two. I haven’t seen this film in ages, so I will reserve comment. T9M, while you’re down there, I’d like one too!

    Sinner, DON’T change the permissions. I will get so lonely when there isn’t someplace for me to stalk through and what not… I love to know what’s going on! 😛

    Also… I liked Oculus Miss Mutant, and I DON’T watch Mad Cowgirl :/ what does that make me?

    I fear to know what you are going to have to watch my Chop…



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  3. Firstly – fuck you! Rosemary’s Baby is a damn classic. Its a study of paranoia and the treatment of women at the time. And its ten times better than Occulus (which i kind of liked)

    Secondly, i think we should mount an Oceans 11 style heist of the Shitfest Trophy from Abbi. I want to be the tough guy who beats down the guards, Eric can be the distraction guy who poses as an obnoxious American tourist (he’s been researching the role for years), and Mutant can be the dorky computer nerd who takes off her glasses and throws her back to reveal she’s a total hottie. Just in time for our inevitable erotic love scene.

    I’m so bored!!! 😦

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  4. garylee828

    I liked Rosemary’s Baby; very well-paced psychological horror/thriller. I just don’t think Psychological thrillers are Isaac’s cup-of-tea.

    Isaacs, have you seen “Halloween”? (The original) What’d you think?

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  5. Skeletor

    Yessss!!! Was hoping you would review this. I watched this last year when it aired on amc around Halloween. That demon/Satan baby really was kinda cute. Also, Pepsi. These young kids these days…..

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  6. HA! I cannot WAIT to see Mutant’s picks!!! Also, Mutant: Reek is ALWAYS chained up in my basement. Pay a visit and bring a DVD! 😉 As for Coke vs. Pepsi…hmmm. Let’s just say this: Coke > Pepsi BUT Mello Yello < Mountain Dew.

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  7. Abbi needs to hide that trophy, mutant is coming babyyyyyyyy! I bet Stephen Dorff is protecting all kinds of stuff down there. I wonder if anyone has crank called Mikey yet?! LOL! And I totally think Eric needs to be forced to watch The Fault in our Stars. 🙂 I would pay to hear his commentary on that one.

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