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Afternoon Special for the Ladies – Part 2

Now that Shitfest has officially concluded, I figured I’d be back for Part 2 of subverting the patriarchal paradigm. You trusted I would come back, right? Right? Well, after the immense success that Part 1 generated and the overwhelming response it garnered, I knew that you ladies could use a nice smile. We all need our fixes, and a really good perve session is all that is necessary sometimes. I have done my utmost to create another delicious post, and I hope that it meets all the er… requirements that it should 😉

Be warned, this is going to be a monster of a post. I have been collecting since last time 😛 Also, spans of black and white photos because YUM.

Oh, and just a pic of Eva Green here so that this is (again) not a wasted post for the gents. I am such a thoughtful, nice, caring individual.


Enjoy the selection!

I still have this ridiculous Sebastian Stan obsession going on, he is just… hmmmmmmmm!



I value my life, and therefore I am not going to skip over this hulking Australian, Chris Hemsworth. Relax, everyone.


We have to give it up for Benedict Cumberbatch. He is so British, which is so hot… and that hair? Perfect. Those eyes? Mesmerising. And does he have style or what?!


Please ladies (and some gents), contain yourselves. I know that he ranks pretty highly for so many for numerous reasons, Tom Hardy presents the package of beauty and talent.


Simon Baker has one of those insanely cheeky smiles, and I promise, that never fails to catch the ladies.


Chris Evans champions the list again. Gorgeous eyes, pretty face, naturally he would be around!


Oh my goodness, the super cute and adorable and gorgeous Dane DeHaan, smouldering looks and all. Hmmm.


Daniel Craig… can we quickly just talk about the way in which he wears a suit? I mean OMG. It makes me weak at the knees. He has a confidence that works for him, and wears his suits like a second skin… and suits are just ridiculously sexy.


Heath Ledger… he may be gone but my goodness, he remains one of the most delectable men to have graced this earth!


With those engaging blue eyes and childish excitement, there was not ways that James McAvoy would miss this list.


Tom Hiddleston is always so swankily dressed and a great villain… another Brit climbs onto a list for women to moon over!


Always a delight to look at, Evan Peters at least has a skill set to back it. Especially when playing the psycho (it really, really shouldn’t be as hot as it is).


Henry Cavill is truly just the most delicious Superman to ever wear the cape… I mean it! Look at that face, and that faultless mouth… hmmmmm!


I like Jake Gyllenhaal, love him or hate him, truly has his moments!


Garrett Hedlund for the champion Abbi!


Should the world ever become a dark and messed up place, even if he cannot shoot a crossbow as accurately as Daryl Dixon, Norman Reedus sure as  hell can stick around as eye candy!


Scandinavians have that blonde and beautiful thing going for them, and Alexander Skarsgård is no exception. Delightful on so many levels!


Michael Fassbender, impeccably dressed, mighty fine as always!


Leonardo DiCaprio is the whole damn package. Attractive, extremely talented, stunning eyes, and rocks a suit like nobody’s business. Yes, definitely worth looking into.


Every time I see him I just want to run my fingers through his hair… Richard Madden is truly captivating.


Ryan Reynolds has appeal, no doubt about it. Nice face, great body, I am sure these are just some of the reasons he makes the list!


I honestly view Sam Witwer to be one of the sexiest geeks alive. I mean wow… I find it really hot when a guy can be a geek and all, and I know that not all of them have massive glasses and live in their mother’s basements and what not, but it is rare to find one looking this fine.


Love him or hate him, Chris Pine has the ability to weaken the knees of some ladies!


Liam McIntyre just spoiled women rotten when he helmed the role of Spartacus, brave, angry, vengeful, wearing little? Yes… yes we like to see that too sometimes!


Zachary Levi is just adorable and really charming, winner for me, at any rate!


Matthew Gray Gubler is really cute, but I think it works for him!


Reverting here again to Harrison Ford… I really, really don’t think I need to defend it when this is my evidence…


Jensen Ackles is someone I am sure most of us can agree on. What an appealing man!

Ryan Gosling was never someone I found attractive in the very least, until he slipped into the role of Driver in Drive, and then I was just sold.

gosling 2

Theo James was really probably the only good thing to come out of that hunk of junk Divergent. I suppose at least there was someone to check out from time to time when he got some screen time!


Dan Feuerriegel was another eye candy contender in Spartacus. He also happens to have one of the most perfect smiles I have ever laid eyes on.


smile Animated Gif on Giphy

There you have it Anna! Michael Pitt!

michael pitt

If anyone wants someone added here because I missed them, do please let me know!


  1. Zoe, my dear, you have served up a splendid array of beefcake. Tom Hardy and The Fassbender are the only ones I need, but that’s the beauty of a buffet–you can take whichever dishes appeal to you most, and then go back for seconds.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Bestie!
    I love this! I will forgive the Gyllenhall slip because you included Chris Pine, Evans and Hemsworth, all those fine British gentlemen and EVERY-DAMN-FINE-THING. How GORGEOUS is Cumberbatch? #Sherlocked

    Pappy, you shouldn’t fire your security! They are doing just fine as is!


    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as always you deliver! Thank you Z woman! Alexander Skarsgård is my number one right now, closely followed by Henry Cavill. Although Matt Damon is always in my heart hahahaha! Good lord hmmmm mmmmm. So good love this. 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Skeletor

    I just happened to read this as I was walking out the door. Just my luck! I started my Friday with a picture of a scruffy, fine TOM HARDY!! #yum #lickmelikealollipop #scruffyissexy #skittleflavoredjizzum #skeetskeetskeet #weeeeeeeeee!

    Also, Ryan Gosling totally rocked in Drive. I really like him as an actor. However, I do not get the attraction ladies have with him. Especially when there is a picture of a scruffy Tom Hardy right above! (OMG. I want to be on him.)

    Liked by 3 people

    • There is no such thing as too late! 😛 You get to it when you need it hahaha. I am glad you were satisfied! Hmmmm, yes, they did need to get on this list.


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