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Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!! Not too long ago my Friend Bubba Wheat and I got together to talk about a couple of movies on his FilmWhys podcast! We both watched movies wee’d never seen before – I did Supergirl and he watched Rosemary’s Baby. I thought Supergirl was a real piece of shit and you can hear us talk about it by clicking on the image below. It’s just under an hour and it really was a lot of fun. Check it out – what else do you have to do on a Saturday afternoon while you mow your lawn? Or make supper? Or make The Sex with someone?

Click it Click it!!!SGIRL2


  1. Helen Slater looked great, at least. Agreed though, Supergirl is a complete mess. The DC universe is really playing catch-up, cinematically speaking, but I do hope someone can put a good Supergirl film together. The hero dominated blockbuster climate could do with another strong female character.


  2. Hey, you have a nice speaking voice! I listened to most of this, but didn’t make it to the end because I don’t remember anything about Supergirl since I haven’t seen it since the 80s. After hearing that your wife chose to steam clean the floors rather than watch it I don’t think I’ll be revisiting!


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