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This is one of those movies where I don’t like my rating system. To finish off the week, i have scheduled two movies where I give them each a “four” – and while I liked this movie quite a bit – I didn’t like it as much as those two – but this isn’t a bad movie whatsoever. Some of it was even EPIC but… you know the feeling right? Yeah… but…. Like the scene depicted below. That fight fight scene was FUCKING AMAZING but… why were these fuckers wearing masks like that and how could they see out of them to fight and what’s up with the fucking fish??SNOWP2

And I REALLY liked Chris Evans in here and Jamie Bell didn’t really bother me too much but… he sure looks awful tan for living in the shit end of a train for seventeen years with no sunlight…SNOWP3

So, yeah. what else? Oh yeah! The thing with the eggs… huh? And why was the teacher in the school cab so massively armed with weapons??SNOWP4

Even Evans’ beard looked fake half of the time. Like I said – I really wanted to like this and despite some problems I had with it, I DID but…. THAT’s how this ended?? THAT’s the decision they make??? “Well, I guess this isn’t going to work out how I wanted it to so I might as well just let the last survivors of human kind die. Sorry, lads.” HMMMM….


Oh well. I remember when I tweeted that I was watching this, I got the fun – and pertinent – response from someone that read “Tilda Swinton is creepy” and then someone agreed with that individual. Well – I’ve always though she was a hot act – ever since I first saw her in Orlando so NYAHH!!!SNOWP6


  1. Yeah the ending is disappointing but i love everything up to that point. Sounds like you were looking for something more realistic, personally i loved all of the surreal elements, to me it was a satire on the ridiculousness of these kinds of socialist dictatorships.

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  2. My Kindest Sinner Spock Chop,

    Loved your review. I know there were flaws in here, but I overlooked them, I will be the first to admit it. This movie was just so freaking amazing on so many levels. I LOVED it so much, I thought it was awesome. Sorry to hear you didn’t like it more, but it’s all good. I can totally understand why.



    PS: I thought it was awesome that the last two cigarettes on Earth were Marlboros. #winning

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  3. I totally forgot about the fish thing!! I thought it was so strange, like a weird tribal pre-battle ritual. Or I thought they were going to start slapping each other with the fish, that would have been awesome. Lovely write-up Eric, plus I agree, Tilda Swinton is actually beautiful! Although she was super creepy looking in this.

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  4. Pappy!!!!
    Firstly, that pic today with on top of your blog scared the shit out of me!! #WhereISHerEyes??
    Anyhoo, back to the movie: I thought it was excellent in a slit your wrists kinda way. Also, Chris Evans is so damn fine. Bless his mother for giving birth to him.
    Tilda scares me too.
    Great write up!!!

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  5. Hmm. I’ve not read this as you put “spoilers” at the top. I want to see this SO bad. I’m sick of the number of movies not even available at all in the UK lately. :-/ So… Great review! I assume. ; ) I’ll come back & read it if I ever get to see this!!!! : )

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  6. Man, I loved this movie. It had some flaws, the plot was a little dicey, and it was far from perfect but I was able to overlook all of that because this movie was just SO unique. The themes weren’t anything special (class struggle, rich vs. poor, etc.) but “Snowpiercer” as a whole is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Where else would you see Alison Pill being cutesy and singing to a bunch of children one minute and then the next pull out a machine gun and start killing people? And those fight scenes were amazing!!!

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