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The cycle for me to do a post lasts about two weeks. I watch it, I think about how I want to approach it, I barf a bunch of words out, I edit it, I add commas, I tag it and then I post it. I’m so slow and have set the bar so low for movie writing that it takes me that long to get through the process and get something out here. But – in this instance – I watched this (twice) the other day and wanted to get something out to you before the weekend, in case you wanted to rent something on your days off. I know that we all have our own opinions and see and take things differently and, as regular readers out here know, my taste in movies is usually simple: blood and boobs. But, I absolutely LOVED this movie and it has neither.

What it does have is a WICKED FUCKING AWESOME, tight Quantum Mechanic-y story about parallel realities as exposed by a comet passing through our atmosphere. It also has an EXCELLENT group of actors here, a fantastic use of sound, useful dialogue and the characters don’t make stupid decisions for no fucking reason. It makes me extremely happy when I come across shit like this and I say BRAVO to the team that made it and HELL FUCKING YES GO TEAM COHERENCE!!COHERENCE4

If you take a chance on this, you might start this off thinking things are going too slowly but for real, at minute 46 shit starts getting very real and very excellent. You really won’t know what the fuck’s happening in a GOOD way and then it maintains all the way to the end. I also know that we give each other a hard time if we give something “perfect” marks but my site isn’t about that. This place is about what I like or don’t like and I’m not some big corporation so – yes – I absolutely fucking loved it and will probably buy it and watch it over and over. Plus – I don’t know who she is but I am now in love with Emily Baldoni:COHERENCE5

So, do I think you’ll like it? Maybe. Who knows? Thinking about the Most Beloved Readers who come out here, I can think of probably four or five people who will really dig this and four or five people who will like it ok. And also two people who might watch it and say they don’t like it simply because I liked it so much, and no I don’t mean YOU. For a movie that doesn’t involve blood and boobs, this is my kind of thing. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

P.S. (No spoiler) I LOVED the “The Stapler!” part….

P.P.S. Kindleman – this is right up your alley

P.P.S.S. Skeletor – I think you’d really like this

P.P.P.S.S. Lem – THIS is the kind of movie I wish we could make – required watching.


  1. Dear PSC,

    “…useful dialogue…” did I actually just read that?! Wow, I am impressed.

    Love your site header for this, it really must have bowled you over, super cool.

    Enjoy your off day. #jealous




  2. Jason Kindleman, Esq, LCSW, FTW

    Based on the 5 Top Hats and personal rec, I’m going to see if I can coerce Mrs. Kindleman into watching this film this weekend. I am intrigued at the quantam-y-ness of it all you know…

    As an aside, we went to watch The Big Lebowski on the big screen here a few weeks ago. There were about 75 others there and it was a riot. 5 Top Hats and a Bowler!


  3. Lem

    Right on Man – Will have to watch this soon – Sounds like a winner to me – You know your endorsement especially in matters “Quantum-ish and mechanical” means a lot to me!

    Happy Friday



  4. garylee828

    Okay, I just finished it and I thought it was pretty good; like you said it had strong acting, writing and directing – and it had that mystery/unpredictable factor that you know I like…but to be honest, I was pretty stumped by the ending. I hope I’m not the only one. lol. I need to watch it again sometime.

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. Yes, this is quite good. I just wish they hadn’t had the ‘comet conversation’ early on. The cracked cell phone and the ‘yeh, they’re saying it’s something to do with the comet’ comment to explain it is fine but the convo is just too much of a flashing neon sign.

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