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I would probably find it hard to believe if you’re not familiar with the massive Alfred Hitchcock eruption that Zoe and Movierob caused earlier this month – but, if you’re not, they’ve been collecting reviews of EVERY Hitchcock film ever made. Of course I wanted to put in so I sat down and put the pen to paper and did a piece on the Hitchcock movie you’ve never heard of: FRENZY. if you wanted to check out my thoughts on it, you can click the pic of that that fancy looking chick below. Rob posts lots of posts so you might have to look around a little to find mine, but I’ll update the link to the exact post when I get in later 🙂FRENZY2


  1. This is one of my fave Hitchcock films. Glad you liked it, Eric. The bit in the back of the potato truck is tense, even though he’s the villain, and you don’t want him to get away with it, you still kinda want to see him keep succeeding to cover his tracks, if only to up the stakes and tension for our poor, falsely accused hero. Nice to see Hitch do a film back in the UK as well, after so long in Hollywood. I think Frenzy was a nice return to form for Hitchcock late in his career, proving that he still had the magic.

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