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You know, I’ve said it before and here goes again – I really don’t give a shit if a movie is a sequel or a third or a fourth or a remake or any of that shit – as long as it’s GOOD and I like it… I really liked the first one but didn’t care much for the second, which you could investigate HERE if you wanted (I published that in 2011 so only one person has ever read it) but here comes the third and I had heard some pretty shitty things about it. I don’t know – I liked it enough. It was REALLY fucking gross but I knew what I was getting into. I’d probably watch it again sometime. Plus – it had a little bit of this:CF02

And some of this:CF013

I thought i was funny that the super smart and brilliant scientist’s lab coat kept get looser and looser….CF04

And then they – WOAH!CF05

OOPS!!! Sorry about that!!!! LOL – how did that happen??? HAHAHA!!! WHOOPS!! So yeah – some partying twenty somethings go Β to some island where this research facility houses contaminated people – and Sean Astin who is immune. Naturally, something goes –CF06

I’m – goes wrong and they –CF07

All start dyin-CF08

Gross and bloody deat… I need to get my mind back in the g-CF09

There we go!! There’s a boner killer!!!CF010

Oh well – I liked it ok. If you’ve seen the first one you know what this is about. It’s gross, I promise. Now where was I?



  1. Hi, Eric!!! I’m back!!! I don’t really wanna see this…but good job!!! Lol. It makes me sad that Sean Astin has been reduced to stuff like this. Samwise, why???

    #poorsamwise #missedthisplace #probielove

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