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You know, out here, I usually like to try and take a funny angle to things – so maybe we can drink a couple of Boilermakers and have some laughs, and maybe play a little Grab Ass or something. Thinking about how to approach this post – without being all gloomy and serious, I’m not sure how this is going to work out but this really is one of my favorite modern Westerns. It’s gloomy and serious and a little bit gross sometimes. It’s not flashy or anything – it’s just excellent. You probably WON’T like it if you don’t like Westerns and shit but – I LOVE it.

You see, Tommy Lee Jones has a friend. Just one friend and he loves his friend. Not Brokeback style – just two friends alone out in the west, herding goats and riding horses.3B2

In town, Barry Pepper is in love with a young and not bitchy January Jones. This is a still of them having sex, Brokeback style, on the kitchen counter while she watches a soap opera.3B3

In a turn of events so bizarre and insane your head is likely to pop off, Pepper kills that which Jones loves. Just kidding about the first part of that sentence.3B4

When the local police don’t give a fuck that an illegal immigrant has been killed, Jones takes matters into his own hands. First, he digs up the body and steals off with it. Then he busts in to Pepper’s trailer like he owns the place and steals off with him and they head across the border to Mexico to bury Milq in his home town.3B5

Along the way, Jones starts going batshit, the body starts decomposing and they run into one of the strangest (and coolest) characters I’ve seen in a while:3B6

There’s no real big ending to spoil since the title of the movie gives everything away. Pepper buries him in the desert after he murders him. The police bury him in the cemetery after they find him. Pepper buries him again in his “home” after they get there – people who have seen this will get why I use the quotation marks there. If you take a chance on this because of my inspiring write-up, you’re likely to be bored. There’s no flash, no slow burn, no fancy explosions. There’s no tits and no blood and no shoot out in the streets. Actually – there are some tits. Melissa Leo does a nude scene in this and it’s not that flattering…. so, yeah… there you go. And here you go: 3B9

And here’s one for my sister Brian:3B10


  1. Dearest Chop,

    Remind me about this one later when I am home. All you had to tell me was Barry Pepper was here, I think he is really under-appreciated. Gotta look into this.

    Loved the review, naturally some giggles were to be had.



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