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Happy Friday! Today kicks off with the first of TWELVE posts Zoe (JB) and I cooked up covering the entire Star Trek movie franchise! JB – I REALLY had a LOT of fun doing this! Thanks SO MUCH for doing this with me! What a great summer!!

I tried to get creative with my half of these posts (cartoons, Twitter, songs) so – if you want to see what we thought about the first Star Trek movie – just click that poster above! I hope you like!

(P.S. On a side note, did anyone else with big time mild OCD notice what happened with all of my posts this work week?? If you see it, you won’t win anything but my eAffection but something weird happened this week)


  1. Woohoooo Star Trek! This is exciting. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with all the films!

    What happened with all your posts this week? I would place a $10 bet on the images changing size or going out of alignment because that’s what sets off my mild blogging OCD!

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