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I know my man Cage has made some shitty movies lately – or – for a long time now, but I still love the guy. I’m not sure why this movie exists but I watched it anyway and – sure – I liked it OK. I thought it was better than Bangkok Dangerous and those Ghost Rider movies and whatever that one was where he was a  wizard or something – oh – and the misery that exists as The Wicker Man. I also know that no one else will probably like it buy hey… what can I say? This is a revenge movie that has lines like:

Cage: We’re going to have to go deep…

Other Guy: How deep?

Cage: How deep is Hell?


Cage: Someone pull this corn out of my asshole!! NOW!!!

But I thought it was all right and there’s actually a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. So…. *shrugs*

Anyway – here’s a little piece I put together for this thing:

And, you know, the other day I got home from work and found a strange envelope in my mailbox. I figured it was some sort of poison from Brian (but there was no return address and the postage stamp was strangely greased out) so I took it outside, put on my Beekeeper suit and opened it up. This is what was inside:RNLETTER

SO – who can deny fan mail like that??? Here you go lady!!!RAGE7 RAGE8




  1. I don’t know…. I don’t like Nicholas Cage…. besides I don’t know where to put him…. he’s not good-looking enough to be a matinee idol, and not tough looking enough to be an action star. Ex. of an actor who is both… Tom Cruise.

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  2. Howard the Duck needs to be in the next shitcom please! I don’t think I have ever seen the term “unshucked ear of corn” ever, I mean like ever in a blog post. But who knows, it probably lives somewhere else on your site. 🙂 You know what I noticed ever since you posted your Wicker Man post.. I keep seeing it on HBO and Showtime. WTF!!!!!

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  3. Dearest Chop,

    Rage with Cage, eh? Not bad 😉 Yeah, he has been bringing out some really bad movies, but then there are always the old ones that were great. Oh well… very touch and go.

    Oh Meester IPC!! What a letter! How could you not oblige her? 😉



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  4. Haha I wondered if you were gonna watch this one! I’m sure your bro Nicholas Cage is…erm…fantastic in it. Hahaha. Now who is this lady and why is her spelling complete shit?? 😉


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