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You know what?? I really liked this movie. And it’s not something I think I would normally go for. There’s no boobs, there’s not a lot of action, there’s no real explanation for the thing in the woods and some people might find the thing in the woods a little dodgy but – I really enjoyed this. I think it’s because I totally got the two leads. I liked the way they spoke. And the way they looked. They were…. “real” to me. Kind of like the way I liked WILDERNESS SURVIVAL FOR GIRLS. Except I think I liked this one more. The last third of this is a fucking GORY good time complete with intestine eating and glass to the eyeball – so be careful – but I was very happy with this rental.

It’s always tough to recommend things like this. The first third is a bunch of chicks sitting around not doing much at the “retreat”. The second third establishes what the fuck’s going on there and then the last is a bloody slaughter. What can I say? I liked it and would watch it again. But this is TOTALLY not for everyone. Kind of like my site here. 3 people like it and everyone else hates it but they keep coming back to see how much I can publicly shame myself. Oh – and – before I corrected it, I had mis-typed publicly and it read pubicly. Can you pubicly shame yourself? I suppose if anyone could, it would be me.SILENT3

So, this cute, real looking chick gets in trouble and gets sent to this camp where there are a handful of other cute, real looking chicks milling about. At her entrance meeting we learn they are not allowed to talk so I was all “Fuck Yeah!”


In a little bit she does some talking and gets in trouble and some blond chick laughs so she gets in trouble too and gets put in The Cabin and comes out a zombie and what the fuck’s going on in there and she acts up and gets told that if she doesn’t get her shit together she’ll face “the thing in the woods” which is “getting more sensitive lately”.


I guess that’s about it. I truly did like it but I bet a bunch of you wouldn’t. It might be too slow or too gory or not flashy enough. I like these kinds of obscure movies that I find – they’re kind of my little secret 🙂


I know they’ll never read this but I do want to give a big shout out the Practical Effects team. Go Team Practical Effects!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!! FUCK CGI!!!!! Good job, boys and girls!!SILENT6




  1. This sounds good chief, will have to look out for it. I’ll get the practical effects team to read your praise, you know I’m good at getting rich and famous to shout you out. Like that dr who woman who fell in love with you.


  2. On September 2, 2014, not only will the film be distributed on DVD in Canada by Black Fawn Distribution (order it at, but it will finally be making its way to the American market.

    Audiences can find Silent Retreat online through iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Playstation Network, Vudu, Amazon Video on Demand, Xbox, and Redbox Instant.

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