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To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of this thing until I read a disparaging review of it over at my man Ryan’s site HERE. BUT – I did love THE PACT so I went ahead and gave it a shot and I have to say that I think they made a really good movie, in fact, this had a couple of shityourpants moments and some good looking special effects but….ADD3So this chick above sells her soul to the devil for five hundred bucks. Then she heads home from her vacation in California and one night the devil says “Come to me” (which is really fucking creepy) and then does The Sex with her:

It turns out this is all happening in the past. In the current day, a realtor is contacted to sell a house. The house is a house where a couple’s daughter had gone missing several months ago (maybe years?). They want to sell fast and get out of there. Upon inspection, it seems that this is the house where the devil had made his sex with the girl above and she is the daughter that has gone missing. And now…. she starts showing up…. her scenes are creepy and shit and things get weird and she tells the parents that their daughter is back but this isn’t her daughter. So, having to do a little math, we piece together that The Sex with the girl happened quite a while back and that something peculiar is going on in the current state of affairs. In one of the coolest scenes and concepts I have seen in a LONG time:
ADD2The devil sheds his skin and our realtor ends up dead…. it’s always weird seeing a main character killed in the middle of the movie but the purpose for this is because the devil wants to….ADD7

Do The Sex with her sister:ADD7Which he does and then he throws her out of a window and she goes into a coma for eight convenient months and then she has a baby which she gives up for adoption and then six years later she goes to see her. And kill her.add6

And here is where my biggest problem lies. I know someone I read likes to say that “horror movies haven’t had a good ending in 30 years” which I don’t necessarily think is fair (or correct) (but we get along) and the ending to this, I guess it works for what they wanted to do but, the Big Reason for the ending to exist doesn’t….. exist.

She gives up her kid and then, six years later goes to ask her ONE question. She gets there, the kid starts doing a jigsaw puzzle and she says something to the effect of:

“I know who you are!!”
“I know who you are!!”
“I just want to know ONE thing!!!”
“WHY DID YOU PICK ME???!?!??!”

So the kid turns the completed jigsaw puzzle so her mom can see it and she (the kid) runs off. A chase ensues and concludes on the second floor of some house and the kid materializes out of some sort of black smoke and the mom holds a knife to her neck AND!!!!!

The closing shot is them driving out into the night in her sedan (the mom’s).

Hi. Um. Why did she get picked?


  1. I had this in my OnDemand cart last night, but decided to watch The Possession of Michael King instead (which wasn’t half bad). I’ll probably get to this next weekend. I’ve only read 2 reviews, yours – good – Ryan’s – bad, so it’s 50/50 that I like it.

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