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Howdy! This one comes as a recommendation (of sorts) from our friend at CINEMA PARROT DISCO TABLE NINE MUTANT PLONKER and – I can’t say that I absolutely loved it but it wasn’t a waste of time or anything. I don’t remember when Big Brother started here in the States (I realize it started elsewhere before here) but this is your “Let’s put cameras in every room and nook and cranny and ink pen and coffee cup and film everything 24 hours a day” film that we’re all accustomed to these days. I wouldn’t say it’s Found Footage because there’s no inane card at the beginning or end of claiming the footage was found in someone’s desk after a grisly murder or anything, but it’s all footage of people milling about in and around a house the whole time. Anyway, there’s certainly worse things to do with your time….  I’ve had trouble finding images of this movie that were: A) Big enough to see and B) Clear enough to see so, here’s one of the actresses from this thing:MCDMYLI EC020

I think it’s funny and this reminds me of a story. When I graduated from college in….. ahem….. JB….. 1995…. I was doing my Exit Interview with these chancellors and they were all in their 70s and such and, after they grilled me about my shit they asked if I had any questions for them. I asked “What do you know about this internet thing?” and they were all “Don’t know about that, Sonny, thanks for learning with us. Move along, kid.” So what I think is funny is that this thing came out in 2002 and the dialogue in this consists of lots of “the internet is global” and “this is called a beta site (explanation)” and such, explaining how the internet connects everyone.  I mean, right now, where I’m sitting, I have my “IPC PC”, a connected Blu Ray, a TV monitor, my iPad, my work computer, my work laptop, my cell phone, my work phone and a Samsung tablet. On this computer I have open: my WP reader, this page for editing this post, twitter, gmail and the About Me page for CPD’s site that I linked to earlier. Running on my work PC is email, IM, Microsoft Excel and a couple of browsers I use to do my job. “What is this internet thing indeed…..”EYE3

Anyway, these five people get selected to go live in this house in the middle of nowhere and if none of them leave, they all get a million bucks. You’ve got the slut, the jock, the stoner, the weirdo and the straight girl. They bicker and this and that and this and that and this and that and Bradley Cooper shows up and bones the slut girl and then people start dying. I also found this still but I don’t remember this scene whatsoever:EYE4

I think the only real problem with this wasn’t the story or the arcane dialogue but this wasn’t HD (and not even very good SD either btw) so it was difficult to make anything out in those dark rooms and, if you choose to give this a go you’ll probably know how this is going to end so… oh well – not too bad! Good call, T9MCPD! And, here’s another pick of this chick:eye8

And here she is again:eye9

And in this one, she’s blowing me a kiss for writing up this wonderful piece!



  1. “and a couple of browsers I use to do my job”. Lol – at least you’re doing SOME work at work. ; )

    I’m glad you didn’t totally hate this. : ) Like I said, it’s not exactly a favorite film but of the very few horrors I’ve gone to in recent years, I didn’t mind this one. Funny that I didn’t realize it was Bradley Cooper as he didn’t mean anything at the time. : )

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    • theipc

      Yeah I didn’t hate it : ) I wish it would have been easier to see. It was almost as bad as CC cameras.

      I hope that when I go to CPD, my day isn’t ruined…..



  2. I had a similar “holy shit technology has come so far” moment a little while ago, when I was playing Tetris on an original Game Boy and then went to answer a call on my iPhone. The difference between those two gadgets is actually astounding! Oh yeah, and a) this film doesn’t sound like a complete waste of time, and b) I think I was 8 in 1995. Good times!!

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  3. Sounds crap. I love that you said “plonker” btw, I didn’t realise you guys used that one. As for this post, I get that boys like boobies and such, but the picture of that woman in the pink top is weird. I mean, why is she wearing a top and shoes and no trousers? It’s just like she forgot how to get dressed. Anyway,good work, as usual, Eric.

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  4. This one sounds interesting. I know what the hell who knew the internet would be so big. Well in 1995 I think had Netscape as my browser and I didn’t even have email. lol And I had an old school Macintosh I did my school work on and a printer, yes in 95 I was a bad ass!

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  5. Not so sure about this one…looks a tad odd! Just the movie, because your review was awesome 🙂
    What is is this internet thing, eh? We’ve all turned into multitasking powerhouses..haha!
    While everyone’s talking age, I was 9 in 1995 and nope, no computer till at least 3 years later when my school bought a bunch of Macs. I was actually just talking about that with my boyfriend the other day and how it was where I learned about the awesomeness of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and it was educational ..haha!

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  6. “What do you know about this internet thing?” Lolololol!!! My how times have changed…Good review, buddy, but I think I might just skip this one–wait a tick. Bradley Cooper, you say? Hmm. I shall have to reconsider… 😉

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