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Here we are today with another recommendation on something I had never seen from the enigma that is Table Nine Mutant. I’ve posted, out here, a few westerns that I liked and said that I really like westerns but the truth is, I haven’t seen that many of them. I guess = I like the westerns I’ve seen would be more accurate. I’ve started or looked into some of these things from the late 60s and 70s but I’ve always been put off by the noisiness of them. For real, is that bullet / rifle shot “stock”?? PYOW PYOW PYOW PYOW PING!!!! For real – irritating. This movie was also three hours long so it took me a few days to get through it, but I did and I really liked it. I also really liked this:ONCE2

HA HA HA!!! Chris!!!! PYOW PYOW PYOW I’M T. BOONE PICKENS!!! PYOW PYOW PYOW!!!! (Sorry Kindleman, I couldn’t resist)ONCE3

Anyway, sorry for that inside joke. It took me a while to get into this and adjust to the sound… and Jason Robards. I’ve never been a big fan of his and it was difficult to get the feeling of him as some tough motherfucker but I’ve always liked Henry Fonda and Charlie Bronson, plus:ONCE4

So, by day two I was getting into it and starting to understand what the fuck was going on and digging it a little Β and I was enjoying some pickles and asked Lem if he liked it and he said “yes it’s a classic” and I said “I’m having trouble with Robards” and he said “But Claudia Cardinale!!!” and I said:ONCE5

Then the last day came and so did the third act and I really loved how everything came together at the end and YES MUTANT I even got to loving the score and the story was pretty fucking epic and I see why this is beheld as a classic and I really liked it and:ONCE6

I doubt there’s any reason to talk about what this is about… Fonda wants money and Bronson wants revenge and I’m not 100% positive what Robard’s character wants but in the end, after everything is said and all we’ve been through, the best thing about this movie is: after everything’s done, Bronson walks into the room, grabs his satchel and says “Well, time for me to go.” I LOVED THAT. That would me like me travelling to wherever the Westboro Baptist Church people are and beating them all to the point of death and, as they are all writhing in their own shit and blood I’d turn to the news camera and be like “Well, gotta go.”

Anyway – loved it!! Good call, Mutant Disco!!


  1. Do you often have to take several days to finish a movie? It seems to happen to me a lot. I think I may in the mindset of thinking about what I’m going to write all the time I’m watching, and it makes the movie drag. But on the plus side, these Italian westerns are quite a sight to behold when it comes to the actresses!

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    • theipc

      It depends, I think. I think it depends on how engaged I am because I can get bored very easy and I tend to fidget a lot… if I’m really into it I can get it done in one day but – even though I liked Jacob’s Ladder quite a bit – it took me two days to get through all of it.

      I don’t know if I’m going to write about what I saw but I tried watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for an entire week and I never could get past hour two so I sent it back….

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  2. Eric! So glad you liked this one. Doesn’t it feel great to watch a proper fucking CLASSIC for a change? πŸ˜‰ And, wow – can you believe what an amazing job they did considering they filmed this in 1873?! The sound! The COLOR! πŸ˜‰

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  3. The Heretic

    This film would’ve been the final chapter in the Dollars Trilogy, but Eastwood and the other actor didn’t relish the idea of having their characters killed off right in the beginning of the movie.

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  4. Lem

    Love this movie, love the opening, love the tribute to John Ford and Monument Valley, love the soundtrack, love the characters, love the ending. I think you might want to give The Good, The Bad and the Ugly another shot. It’s worth it to sit through all of it just to get to the graveyard scene. I always thought “The Arch Stantons” would be a good band name – but then my bands all had terrible names. Really, give it another try and if you hate it just fast forward to the graveyard scene and watch that to the end, it won’t disappoint!

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  5. Glad you liked this one, Probemeister! I need to check out more westerns, too. I’ve seen the remake of True Grit and ummm…High Noon and ummm…not much else. :/ One day, maybe.

    P.S. I once wrote a paper about the Westboro Baptist Church. I emailed and got a response from Shirley Phelps-Roper, the main dude’s daughter. Crazy doesn’t even begin to cover it…

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    • theipc

      I was actually more partial to the end – or right before the end – when he shoves that harmonica in Fonda’s mouth!

      Thanks for the comment!


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