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Apparently this is also called “NYMPH” so forgive any confusion I might have caused. This was the only poster I could find that fit my theme. The poster that I saw when I first saw this pop up on iTunes featured a barely clothed chick wading in some water with that fishy tail close by – so, naturally I looked at the trailer. Honestly, while the title KILLER MERMAID sounds a little dodgy, I thought the trailer looked good and – WHAT?? Franco Nero???? WOO HOO!! I was sold.

This even starts off a little fun with a comely looking couple sightseeing somewhere. That night her shirt happens to pop off while Making Out but the guy isn’t interested because he’s being seduced by something in the water. So seduced, in fact, that he jumps in and disappears for the rest of the movie. As she’s screaming for help, still sans blouse, some stranger comes up and kills her with what looks like some sort of anchor. CHOP!!!

Cut to a couple of decent looking chicks swimming and sunbathing on their way to the Mediterranean. The lead of this was last observed beating off punching a pregnant woman in the stomach with a brick in the miserable PROXY. It appears the other is an actress named Natalie Burn and, aside from Nero, everyone else in here appears to be Serbian.KM4

I don’t ever care if anyone is Serbian or not, as long as they make a good movie and, despite having trouble understanding what they were saying, this was actually going along pretty good for a while. The film looks crisp in HD and it was awful gory and eventually we get to the Mermaid and she’s pretty and F/X are very well done regarding her tail. But….. I hate to dog on someone’s work when it’s apparent that they TRIED but…. when Mermaid goes from Seductress Mermaid to Killer Mermaid, I actually had a laugh and couldn’t really take it seriously throughout the rest of it. Here’s a before and after.KM3KM5

I think that’s about this for this. I think they did try and make a good movie here – a good gory movie – but aside from that and some skinny chicks slinking around in two piece bathing suits, the Killer Mermaid just didn’t work for KILLER MERMAID.


    • theipc

      HA HA Dave!

      Or, maybe if she could’ve been a killer mermaid without changing into some sort of hideous, CGI, piranha, skeleton mermaid. Can’t a mermaid still kill and be good looking???


  1. Who killed the girl at the beginning, if not the killer mermaid? Was it a coincidence that there’s someone else going around killing people? How dangerous is a mermaid as killers go, I mean, you’re ok if you steer clear of the beach, right? Also, why did the killer mermaid shape-shift when they clearly didn’t have the money/expertise to pull off the sfx? So many questions about this!

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