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You know, I like to say that I’ve never seen any James Bond movies but that’s technically only half true. I’ve seen SOME of most of them, I’ve just never liked any of them.  My experience with Bond started off with Roger Moore – and I just couldn’t stand his smugness. Later I tried looking at some Sean Connery-s but didn’t really care for those either. I didn’t even bother with Timothy Dalton and I hate Pierce Brosnan so – NOPE. I actually really like Daniel Craig from his work in THE JACKET and LAYER CAKE (but not the horrid DREAM HOUSE) but I still didn’t feel arsed to watch these new ones. As a matter of fact, Mrs. IPC and I started SKYFALL one night and I absolutely HATED it. I didn’t even finish the mother fucker. So, at great urging by JB and Gary – I queued this up and gave it a watch and….CR2

I LOVED it!! The opening scene was fucking fantastic and sphincter clenching and the running stunt choreography was fucking brilliant and then at the end of it, he kills someone. I didn’t think Bond ever killed anyone. I thought he just walked around wearing a fucking tux and screwing chicks. This Bond is a bad ass and I loved him. I also REALLY enjoyed that he didn’t say much. He’s not running around talking to himself or arguing with some chick while bullets fly and shrapnel explodes everywhere. That’s just dumb. Know what else is dumb to me? Pierce Brosnan wearing a tux looking out of the top of a tank. You know what else I liked? Exhibit A:CR3


I’ve just GOT to get caught up on Penny Dreadful. I also thought that the bad guy – what’s his name, let’s see if I can spell this – Mads Mikkelsen (I had to look that up) was simply great. I loved the addition of the character bit by having him have a bleeding eye. Nice one, lads! Oh yeah – that scene where he’s going after Bond’s nuts with that rope?????? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!! Being such a Bond novice, I’m not 100% positive what’s going on here but I’m not complaining:CR5

HMMMMMM – I know I get some shit since I always put pictures of chicks out here but it IS my blog after all. In any case, I figure this post deserves some attention since there’s a long, slow shot of Bond coming out of the sea, seemingly focusing on one thing:CR6

And then there’s this:CR7

I do have to admit that I didn’t like the very, very end. I know that’s a staple of the franchise but…. oh well – this was a good one!!


  1. My Dearest Novice 00Chop,

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! This movie was all kinds of fantastic! It was waxing lyrical about it yesterday and It’s other half (in a much-exasperated fashion) sighed and told It to give it a rest. This after It went on for ages and then branched into “It has the best Bond, it has the best Aston, it has the best Bond girl, it has the most awesome villain, it has the best suits, it has the best scenes, it has the best -” and then It was cut off. Oh well. It is the best Bond film. It thrills It endlessly.



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  2. Glad that you liked and glad that your sphincter was thoroughly clenched! Always a sign that the IPC is liking the movie. My husband loves loves Eva Green… (bitch) JK, no she is beautiful and she is really good in Penny Dreadful, you should check it out. #bondballer

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  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you about exhibit A. 🙂 I’ll watch any old shit if it has Eva Green in it. Not just because she’s hot, and French, and hot. But because she’s a fucking great actress too. And hot.

    I love Bond, but admit most of them are shit. All the actors have done at least one good Bond film though. My faves are Goldfinger, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, The Spy Who Loved Me, Licence to Kill, and Casino Royale.

    But this is my favourite Bond moment ever (from Goldfinger):

    Man talk! *SMACK* 🙂

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  4. I never really liked Bond films although I’ve seen bits of most of them (they’re a staple of bank holiday TV schedules here in England). That said… Casino Royale was brilliant! Quantum of Solace was an utter turd even by crappy old-school Bond films, and Skyfall was pretty OK. If you can be bothered, try Skyfall again, Javier Bardem makes it all worthwhile.

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  5. I KNEW you’d like this one if you gave it a shot!!!!! I was actually going to challenge you to, but I’m happy to see that Zoe and Gary have taken care of that. YAAAAYYYYY!!!!



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