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 I’m getting behind on my movie writin’ so I’m going to have to post some from the archives occasionally – here’s an old post from the beginning of 2013 that no one has ever looked at –

I always find it fun to dog a piece of shit movie for being a piece of shit, especially when it is very evident that the film makers didn’t give a piece of shit for what they were putting out. I don’t enjoy it so much when the end product appears to have been, I don’t know, given a good college try but, the very low budget, home movie-ish “Sorrow Creek” just didn’t come across as any good to me. I saw the trailer for this movie a year or so ago and thought it looked decent enough but I couldn’t find an HD rendering anywhere so I forgot about it and gave up, although, over time, I have figured out that when I want to watch one of these dodgy Netflix movies, if I watch it on a small TV the aspect ratio doesn’t seem to be that big of a difference. Well – this weekend I saw an eight movie DVD sitting on the shelf of a local Best Buy – priced five bucks – including “Sorrow Creek”, so I picked it up. There are a lot of things about this movie that are not good – but, even on the small TV, this still looked blurry and dark, like they really might have been shooting this on my friend Pat’s old VHS Video Tape Recorder – the same recorder we used to use taping us playing gin and drinking 24 beers each on a Wednesday night. Hi Pat. So sorry “Sorrow Creek” – but this sure could have used some help.

I thought the sound was terrible, the picture abysmal, the special F/X were not superb and the acting pretty iffy. I know they only had 10 grand (Canadian) and I guess they did the best they could with what they had, but I was annoyed almost the entire time. I’m trying to be polite here; polite like when you go to a bar, have some drinks and run into an old high school pal who is loaded and won’t stop talking and talking and talking and telling you all about his life forever and ever and ever and shuthtefuckupforchristssakealreadypal. I also thought the story was pretty lame (even though there actually were a couple of creepy moments) and, maybe I was so uninterested but, I didn’t really get where they were going with the whole “legend” or “curse” or whatever. In my opinion, if you are interested in “Sorrow Creek”, take a look at the nice poster above (which has nothing much to do with anything), maybe watch the trailer on your phone (for better resolution) and then pass on this grass.

This starts off with a woman screaming, afraid of something in her dark room, screaming and screaming and locks the door and (if I remember correctly) asks the thing in her room if it’s the devil (or something). She then produces a bloody knife (what?), hangs herself (what??) and the husband busts in because the house is on fire (huh??) and finds her dead. Cut to the present and a local cop is asking some out-of-townie “haunted house expert” what’s up with this cabin in the woods. “Some say it’s where the devil fell through the Earth on his way to Hell…” he “delivers”. Cut to somewhere in the forest: two chicks and their two dudes are digging a fishhook out of one of the guy’s hand. “You owe me three mosquito bites” he chuckles to this BFF who hooked him (what??). Soon enough, they come across the remnants of an old homestead, drink some poisoned stream water and one of the sisters stays behind to nail something to a tree. Soon enough (2), they are in their grandma’s cottage, get a phone call on the non-working telephone and it’s the sister who stayed behind crying “They’re all around me!! They’re going to kill me!! They’re all around me!!” Click. Soon enough (3), the sister shows up at the house, her back all cut to pieces and I’m getting distracted by “Face/Off” playing on the TV next to me. Soon enough (4), John Woo wins out and it’s time to make something to eat. “Sorrow Creek” isn’t very good, but at least, it seems, they tried.


P.S. Luke:



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