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I remember being really excited about this thing when it came out. It was produced by Alexandre Aja who fucked some serious shit up in HIGH TENSION and had the babe from THE WOODS in it – as displayed prominently on the movie poster there. I failed to make it to the movie theater to see if but rented it one night on a digital video disc and smoked some grass and watched it even though I’ve never touched the stuff and I didn’t like it too much. I remember thinking “why can’t this broad just get out of the mother fucking parking garage already” and “when is her top going to come off” and “god damn, I need some cookies or something” but I recently queued it up again and gave it a watch and –P22

– I think this thing is OK but it’s not going to be anyone’s favorite horror movie. I also think “why can’t she just get out of the fucking parking lot already” and “oh yeah, her boobs never pop out of that dress” and also – “fuck, that’s that fucking guy who filmed a fucking sack in ‘AMERICAN BEAUTY‘”.P23

So, yeah. I chick with enormous boobs works in an office building and on Christmas night the entire thing shuts down like Fort Knox and she can’t get out of the parking garage. Or out the front doors. Or the back doors. Or out a window. Or the fire escape. And, naturally, since she’s at the bottom of a parking garage, her cell phone doesn’t work. Also, naturally, the security guard drugs her, changes her clothes and tries to have Christmas dinner with her. He also gruesomely murders someone because the person tried to kiss Nichols on the mouth in an elevator. I guess he showed him!P24

Aside from the horrendous lack of boobs popping out of dresses, this is quite gory in some places but kind of dumb in others. Like – that sure is a nice, freshly prepared Christmas dinner he cooked up in his security guard station. And – he sure was able to get her dress size right even though they have never met. And – did they really just have a high speed chase through a parking garage??P25

Oh well – I’ve seen worse, I suppose. At least googling P2 Movie got me some of this:P26


  1. I’ve seen this! Thought it was pretty good 🙂

    Her boobs were outrageous though, I don’t even mean by IPC standards, I mean generally!!! I watched it with my dad and I had to say something in the end because it just embarrassing! He just laughed and said he was enjoying the show.

    Oh P.S sorry I WILL check out your film I promise Eric. I got home late last night, now I’m back at work – get the violins out!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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  2. Never seen this. But literally just laughed out loud when reading this review. I would watch just to see the sheer stupidness of how she cant escape a parking lot ! 😀
    Great review!


      • I have two rating scales in my mind – a horror scale, and a general scale. On the general scale I guess this wouldn’t do so well, but as a horror (compared to all the really shit films they churn out) I thought this was pretty OK.



  3. Sounds like…not my thing. Jesus, it’s Christmastime and that poor girl is wearing THAT?? Santa needs to get that woman a sweater. Although I get the feeling that then you might knock this down to two stars… 😉

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