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WOW – it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. We used to have a lot of fun with these fuckers until I’d seen every one Netflix had to offer and the creek ran dry. I did a bunch of em – it looks like 31 to be exact, and you could check em out if you wanted by clicking “Giallo” in the Category drop-down list – it looks like the last one was July 2012. I know no one probably will so – a few of us will always have our memories!!! Ah nostalgia. Should we weep for the old times, Erin and Misty and Andy and Rumsey and John the Aussie and Biffer and Bruiser and the occasional Thorn? No, It doesn’t look back with regret. It pours a four ounce shot and drinks to the future It also drinks to the dead because we’re still alive but we shall join them in good time.



So, the other week I was feeling thrifty on Amazon and found one of these babies and bought it and then I mentioned it on some post or other and Erin said this is one of her favorites and it wasn’t just a bunch of Italian weirdness and she hoped I liked it and all of that shit. And I do have to agree – this was a really well made movie with a tight plot  and a cool, psychological story to tell and – in true Giallo fashion – something totally bizarre and fucked up happens at the very end that I am going to spoil later. But – can you really call spoilers on a 30 year old movie? I suppose the people who might WANT to see this movie probably already have and most people reading this on a whim because they follow this site probably don’t give a shit about this one but, there will be spoilers.PERF3

Cutey pie Mimsy Farmer is troubled. She keeps seeing her dead mother in the mirror, she keeps seeing the guy who who raped her as a kid in her visions and she keeps running into her younger self in the darkness of the hallways and her living room. Her friends keep getting killed and the weird old guy that lives next to her keeps getting blood on his shoes. As well, her boyfriend is getting pushy about things and there’s something going on with a fucking vase that I’ve forgotten about by now. I REALLY like Farmer and, for those of you who are interested, she wears lots of loose clothing in this thing. But – aside from that, this movie was really well done and, if you want to dabble in some Giallo – this is a good place to start. I still think my favorite is THE FIFTH CORD, though. Or TENEBRE. Anyway – here come the spoilers ~~~PERF4

As it turns out, she’s pretty fucked up in the head since that unfortunate business as a kid.  So she kills a bunch of people and has a dead body Tea Party and commits suicide. As much as I liked this movie and as much as it really, actually MADE SENSE – I was TOTALLY thrown off by the closing minutes of this thing. In true, strange, Giallo fashion, this red herring group of people we’ve slightly seen throughout the movie, cart her dead body off of the city street and take her to this old warehouse thing.  There, they strip her body naked, admire her flesh and then they fucking eat her. I sure as fuck didn’t see THAT coming.PERF5

Overall, I think this movie was really good and I’m glad I bought it so I can watch it again but that ending was something else. It would be like finishing off THE JACKET with Adrien Brody eating Keira Knightley. “Hi. I’m back. Thanks for saving my life.” STAB. EAT EAT EAT. Weird…. Anyway, I own this so if you want to borrow this, let me know.

P.S. There’s a sausage in this one.


  1. Dearest PSC,

    LOL sounds like you had a good time here, sausage and all.



    PS: It keeps thinking it is Thursday, then getting really depressed knowing we just aren’t there yet.

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