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This movie is probably better than a “three” but – something happens towards the end (in the epilogue, NOT the Movie Proper) that really rubbed me the wrong way. I am going to talk about it later and I might consider it a spoiler FOR A PROP so please don’t clear out of this because it has nothing to do with any sort of plot of the movie or anything serious in general. This is SPOILER FREE – except for a prop. I don’t think I need to go into too much about this since this is a big release and everyone knows what it’s about. I will say that I thought the lead was the chick from Spartacus and the movie X (WOW – go look at that OLD post!) – but it’s not. I suppose Spartacus lady might have gotten nakeder…AB3

I also suppose it’s only natural to compare this with THE CONJURING since it’s the prequel, but, if we look at it like that I would surmise that THE CONJURING is probably more all around solid while ANNABELLE probably had slightly more “FUCK I JUST SHIT MY PANTS A LITTLE” scares. Especially this scene below that is NOT a YouTube clip.AB2

Anyway, I thought everything was really done well here, especially the sets and the retro-ing they did, but one thing REALLY fucking bothered me. It’s so minor that NO ONE but me will probably ever notice but there’s this part where the priest takes a picture of the mom and daughter. No big deal, right? Later, he gives the mom that picture and – based on what kind of camera and angle he used, the picture would have been “landscape” – but the one he gives her is “portrait”. BAH! If you can get over that, you’d probably like this even though some of it IS a bit slow and boring.

NOT in this movie:



  1. Dearest PSC,

    Before bed, I just want to say it seems you were entertained enough, though not perhaps as blown away as you were with The Conjuring. Fair enough.

    Melissa Rauch – SPARTACUS?! 😉

    Sweet Dreams,


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  2. I didn’t actually realise anything off about the photo scene until you pointed it out, but yeah, I do remember the priest taking a landscape shot! Good observation, although I still thought the film was okay 🙂

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  3. What pissed me off is that Annabelle had no reason at all to be in The Conjuring except to pre-advertise this future film. I haven’t heard anyone really mention the ‘tie in’ explained so I’m assuming there is none. Haven’t seen this yet, but I probably will.

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  4. I have been meaning to check this out. Frickin loved The Conjuring and the doll scared the shit out of me in that. Just wondering if I want to publicly embarrass myself reacting to all the FUCK I JUST SHIT MY PANTS A LITTLE scares in the cinema, or just do it in the comfort of my own home.

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  5. Good to see something positive! Lots of dislike for this out there, and personally Ive been sceptical about it being a cashgrab but I need to see it and make up my own mind. Good work chief 🙂


  6. Dear Eric, please could you tell me which bit pissed you off? I watched it last night and thought of your comment! I thought the movie was okay, but it didn’t really scare me that much. It was a well made film though and nothing bad about it, could have been slightly scarier though 🙂

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