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Happy Tuesday!!! The other day I checked out one of the most reviled superhero films of all time for my good friend Natasha Kidney! And I didn’t hate it! Check it out by clicking the poster above!!


  1. A fair and just review!
    I agree that Ben Affleck used to be a huge tool, and I lay the blame entirely on J.Lo’s great big distracting ass. His career was at it’s absolute worst when they were together. But Jennifer Garner saved him and made him better. Now he’s a super mega fox and uh… I have to go change my underwear… bye!

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  2. Lem

    For a guy who watches things like The Sinful Dwarf… that one is always on the top of my list of bad movies that you’ve endured…which reminds me – – how’re things going over at the drive-in these days?… did they have to shut their doors or become a flea market / swap meat with Iron Maiden cover bands on weekends?

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    • theipc

      The Drive In is still up and running but it’s pretty much all re-runs these days. On weekends it serves as a Swap Meat!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      The Sinful Dwarf… if we have to go to Indianapolis – I’m bringing a copy!


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