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The other weekend, MRS THE IPC and I hit the theaters to see GONE GIRL at 11:00 AM on a Saturday. The theater was absolutely PACKED and the concession line was ridiculous and while I was standing there among a bunch of yammering people, I started to get itchy and tic-y and edgy and started questioning my will to go on. But I had made a promise and I intended to keep it and I love MRS THE IPC so I pressed on and eventually got my hot dog and my popcorn and we got into the theater without any trouble. As I was sitting there minding my own business, two enormous, very loud women came and sat right beside me and started talking as loud as they could while they shoved Milk Duds and Mike and Ikes down their throats…. and my head almost popped off out of antisocialism and general hatred….GONE2

But I stayed the course and the movie started and after it was all said and done, I had witnessed two too many dongs and a set of boobs but————-> I really liked it. I thought it was probably about 40 minutes too long and was awful slow in some parts but it was really good and Fincher finally atoned for the miserable THE SOCIAL NETWORK. I thought Ben AfflAck did a good job and the one chick sure was a crazy bitch but I think the star of the show was the detective – Joanie Stubbs Kim Dickens. I thought she did a GREAT job and I am proud to see her getting a role in a big time movie. Oh… and this girl is in it:GONE3

In case you missed that:GONE4

Anyway – I’m seeing a lot of posts out here about this movie by people that do this shit much better than I do, so we’ll just call it good and move on! BUT – this movie DID inspire me to do something! If you want to see what, because you are inquisitive, beautiful and Most Beloved, please click this image:



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  2. Dear PSC,

    Thanks for your corresponding Top Ten list.

    As for this, I am glad you enjoyed it. I really, really want to go and see it at some stage, but these pesky exams and studies are taking up so much of my life right now. I will try get to it, I mean I read the book and everything in preparation for this.



    PS: Prince of Darkness????

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  3. Lem

    Well – we usually agree on a lot of these things – on this one we are opposed. We agree that it is too long – and on Doogie’s diddly and on the detective and then we are at loggerheads. could make for a good Shitfest framework – debunking the IPC review of this tedious crap! You still rock though, don’t go changing’ !


    • theipc

      Yep – I saw your comment the other day (and replied) – I figured we’d have to talk about this one after this post came out.

      Let’s rap, El Diablo.


  4. Pappy!!!
    I never read the book but will probably see the movie if I ever get Chemistry in my brain. #sad. Glad you liked it! (I HATE WHEN PEOPLE HAVE NO MANNERS IN THE CINEMA THEY MUST BE LOCKED IN CAGES OR STUFF)

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  5. I forced my husband to see it too haha and like you I hate going to the theater when it is packed. I have to REALLY really want to the movie and I specifically have to pick a seat to the side where there are only 2 seats so no one sits next to us, if I don’t get one of those seats I get really pissed. Thus I make my husband go really early to get a seat. HAha I thought you would appreciate that. Do you ever find it odd when you see a movie with a packed crowd and they ooh and ahh at the weirdest shit. Anyways, good review, glad you liked it. I also did not like Social Network, finally someone else who didn’t like it. I can’t stand the fact that the stupid blurred lines girl is in that film, like really she does not like a good ol’ pretty Missouri girl to me, which is how she is supposed to be. She would be only gripe of flick. Otherwise it was great and I agree the detective was great in it! What did you think of Ben Affleck’s sister?

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    • theipc

      LOL!! My wife doesn’t like Horror movies so when I go to them I sit way at the top by myself so no on will sit by me – I also go VERY early on a Friday while everyone’s at work.

      if we go together to see something like Gone Girl – we go to this theater with these special, padded, reclining individual seats so you’re not THAT close to everyone – but YES – I do appreciate that!!!

      I thought she was pretty good – my only real complaint was how long it was….


      • See I knew you’d understand! If I go alone, I go when the movie has died down and no one really cares and I’ll go early in the day. Yes yes it’s a whole regimen for movies.

        So I have to tell you this story, about 2 weeks ago I won tickets to see Kill the Messenger… omg those people who go to these screenings are WEIRD. A weird HUGE couple sat behind me, they commented the whole movie, and I could hear them chewing like disgusting people. Another guy in front of me was like a hippy and kept saying “ISIS” referencing that the like in the movie there are conspiracies with the govt. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        PS… did u see Ben’s dong? I didn’t?

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      • theipc

        WHAT THE FUCK people????

        I thought I saw his schlong but after I thought about it – it seemed awful…… big…. it might just have been part of his thigh….


      • theipc

        Well – when he got in the shower we were both like – “as that his weenie??” but then I thought about it and I think it might have been his leg…

        How could you NOT notice NPHs LOL!!!


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