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The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters – Blogathon

Just recently, my Pen Pal Emma over at emmakwall (explains it all) threw a brick through my window. After I suffered a mild heart attack and loosening of my bowels, I inspected my recently acquired piece of cooked earth. Attached to it with a loop of Hello Kitty shoelaces was a note that read:


So, under fear of further attacks and general violence against me, I present my entry into the: The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters – Blogathon!! WHOOP!!

(Just kidding about all of that stuff above, of course! Emma is a real peach!)

It’s important to recognize the great women we have in film.

So here’s the rules: A list of 10 iconic female movie characters has been made. That list will be assigned to another blogger who can then change it by removing one character (describing why they think she should not be on the list) and replacing it with another one (also with motivation) and hand over the baton to another blogger. Once assigned, that blogger will have to put his/her post up within a week. If this is not the case the blogger who assigned it has to reassign it to another blogger. (as written by Dell on Movies – the creator of this idea)

Emma removed that boy from Twilight (Kristen Stewart), thank goodness and added Regan from The Exorcist!! And…. I’m taking off Hermione (Emma Watson). I have nothing against either Hermione OR Emma Watson I just don’t think she’s one of the most iconic characters to ever grace the big screen. I mean, look at this list. You’ve got characters people will remember forever – I don’t think Hermione will stick around more than ten years. I even had to go look up the actress’ name when putting this paragraph together. Maybe the character appeals to a much younger generation because, as everyone knows and is quick to point out – I’m old. Bye bye, Hermione, bye bye!









My replacement?? Well – I know Emma was afraid to send this to me because, well, I do like boobs but I’m going to keep it classy out here today (and because Emma told me I couldn’t use any Three’s Company actresses here) and go with:


I think some people might associate her mother as The Original Scream Queen but, her moms was only in her movie for about half the run time. Curtis here, as Laurie Strode, changed the game when it came to female leads in a horror movie. While people might not immediately recognize the name “Laurie Strode” everyone knows who Jamie Lee Curtis is – the chick who took on Michael Myers in Halloween (and Halloween 2) (and Halloween H20). Everyone knows Michael Myers, everyone knows Halloween and everyone knows Jamie Lee Curtis’ character Laurie Strode.

I mean, look at number three on the list – everyone knows about the chick that played the cop in Fargo – but how many people know her names is Marge Gunderson? (I didn’t) That scene in the black and white above, where she’s hiding in that closet and Myers is busting in is a classic, no question about it and- if you haven’t seen it —————— you should. I don’t see how anyone could NOT like Halloween, except for maybe the hairdos and the fashion, so there we go!

To finish up this business, I am going to send this over to my sister brian@hardtickettohomevideo to see what he has to say.

Also – who am I kidding???



  1. Alright, don’t hate, but I think I’d put back Hermione . I grew up with her, and her photo in a witches robe holding a wand can be recognized all over the world, even in China., and I ‘d take out that woman in Fargo. C’mon. I would also add Alice ( Resident Evil).. They don’t have to be strong, right ? Or the lead character ? They just have to be iconic ? In that case, I’d add Janet Leigh, and her iconic photo in Psycho. ( bathtub scene )

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    • theipc


      I’m sorry to take out the one you put in – if Emma hadn’t taken out the boy from Twilight – I sure would have!! I’m glad we can still be friends!! SMOOCH

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  2. I’m so glad Marge Gunderson is on this list. She is one of my all time characters. Intelligent, determined, level-headed, and mega-pregnant. Pregnant ladies usually get to play crazy and hormonal, but Marge was the opposite. Rosemary, Clarice…. And Scarlett! She is amazing. Kick ass list.

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  3. 1. I can’t believe YOU were nominated for this. What was Emma thinking?! 😉

    2. I’d considered your choice as well as Carrie White. I think most people wouldn’t be able to name Jamie Lee Curtis’ character, though. But good choice – I was very VERY worried when I saw you’d been nominated!!! Lol

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  5. Nice choice, Probemeister!!! I actually considered Laurie briefly. She’s a badass, and you’re right–she kind of did play a part in changing the game of horror movie ladies, huh? In fact, horror ladies are kind of taking over this list!!! I love it. 😀

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  6. Thanks for keeping this going. Love the choice since I’ve never even seen a Harry Potter flick. And yeah, horror is definitely taking over the list. Adding a link to this post on my blog, now. Thanks again.

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