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Here’s an OLD post I was reminded of the other day by FILM NERD BLOG – I liked this movie and thought I’d give it a re-visit!


I totally wasn’t expecting this to be this good. I got this from Netflix and when I put it in the first thing I noticed was that the sound was pitiful. It was piercingly loud at one second – so much that I had to turn the volume down to one (no lie) and then the couple would start talking and I had to rewind it and turn  it up to fifteen O_o.  This also starts off on a crowded beach and in a crowded hotel and out on the crowded streets and all of the extras are screaming and yelling about something or other – you know what I mean, right? Anyway, it eventually toned down in part when the couple got to the island and it was still a little bothersome when the wife started to do a bunch of super high pitched screeching, but this story and everything else was really good. I mean that.

I’m a type of guy who tries to take it easy and not let things get to me ~ problems have solutions and we’re smart and we can figure it out one way or another. With that said, we all have things that do get to us or bother us and one thing that creeps me out are groups of little kids. Or when people stare at me. Or when groups of little kids stare at me. How often do you encounter that you fucker? You ask. A lot. behind the building where I work is an all grades school (K-12 here in the U.S.) and it never fails that when I am driving home from work those damn kids of various ages and sexes are out doing some sort of intra-mural sports and they all stare at me as I drive by. I know I’m a hot piece of ass and all o_o but c’mon.  I know those little fuckers are plotting to kill me just like the bastards in this thing.

But, enough about me. Two British people – one very pregnant (the female) are off on Holiday somewhere that’s not Britain and it’s really crowded and noisy everywhere they turn. The male and his moustache decide they should go off to this secluded island for some peace and quiet – so they charter a vessel and do just that! Yippee!! On the island they find the thing deserted with only a couple of kids idling around.  The male – let’s go ahead and call him by his god given character name “Tom” goes off to check around while the female “Evelyn” sits down in some sort of bar to have a lemonade. While she’s waiting around and Tom is off visibly sweating all over the place, a young girl comes in and rubs on Evelyn’s pregnant stomach and then runs off through the beaded entryway.

Eventually, Sweaty Tom returns and she tells him about the event and they head outside into the heat to do some more looking around. “Look! There’s an old man!” Evelyn exclaims and they shade their eyes to peer down the street. Sure enough, there he is! And there’s a little girl! And then she beats him to death with his cane!! WTF?? Things aren’t looking good here, Brits. My advice – leave this place right now, you dumb fuckers. But they don’t – instead Tom runs down the lane and spies through a door and sees a bunch of kids doing the whole human pinata thing with a sickle instead of a stick and this is where this movie starts to get really good.

If I go any further into this I would probably have to give things away and I don’t want to do that because, if you haven’t seen this and you take a chance, you’re going to be surprised by how things go in the second half of this.  Personally, I thought this was really creative – especially for 1976 – and contained a bunch of WOOOOAH moments for me and I rarely get those. Even if you’re not into 70s-ness – this is totally worth a watch.


On a slightly more modern note, I cried long enough and finally got added to Emma’s list of the laziest people in film!! Please check that out HERE and look at the beautiful poster she made for me!!!


    • theipc

      I know! I remember reading your piece and writing it down to queue it up and then when I got home I must have been on the same page with you because it was in my mailbox… gooooooood movie. That last scene on that boat where he’s fighting off all those kids was something else…

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  1. I hate it when I get stuck behind a school bus and the little brats are staring at me out the back window, waving and laughing and making stupid faces. I actually relish staring straight ahead and not reacting when that happens, because it drives the little monkeys nuts and makes them work harder to try to get negative attention.


    • theipc

      Thank you, you Hooker!!!

      Get this – the other day me and Mrs IPC went to eat lunch and after I ate my ribs, I went to wash my hands. When I was done drying them, I realized I had to take a leak and I turned around towards the urinals. In front of me was some little kid with his fucking pants down around his ankle pissing everywhere. AND he was staring at me….


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