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As we wind down Halloween month and take a look at two more Original and Remakes – gearing up for one of my favorite movies on Friday – today we address the two Day of the Dead movies, neither of which I cared for very much. Actually, the original was decent enough, I guess, but the remake was a REAL PIECE OF SHIT. I can’t even believe that was directed by Steve Miner. Anyway the original is slow and very 80s and a lot of people scream and shout at each other for a long time and….

… this has a zombie that likes to listen to music cassettes and his name is Bub.dotd85b

The remake has Mena Suvari’s butt.dotd08e

So – a zombie who wants to talk on the telephone:dotd85c

Or, Annalynne McCord….dotd08b

A zombie who sarcastically salutes a victim he just murdered… using a HANDGUN…??dotd85d

Or a short chick waving around a firearm???dotd08c

A bunch of 80s-ish hands coming out of a wall, ala an old Pink Floyd video??dotd85e

Or the guy from America’s Got Talent shooting the living dead with an Uzi? (That may or may not be an actually Uzi – I don’t know dick about guns).dotd08d

Well, in my opinion, I really didn’t like the original too much but I FUCKING HATED the remake. Zombies run and scream and JUMP and drive cars and fly out of windows and one is even a fucking vegetarian so he’s safe to travel around with. WHAT THE FUCK, PEOPLE who made this movie?? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCKSHITFUCK??? Shit!! The remake can go burn in hell!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.



  1. Pappy!!!
    Taking a quick break from studies because its boring as shit and I am bored. Looove the post. I do enjoy a good Zombie movie but looks like I will be giving this one a miss. I do love those posters though!

    Liked by 1 person

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    • theipc

      Howdy 🙂 – sorry for the late reply, I’ve been off work for three days and barely got on the internet.

      I figured you’d say something like that and agree that he has more personality than anything in the remake.


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