Isaacs Picture Conclusions



Well, hell. JB and I had a very dramatic, over long and weepy scheduling problem with this post,  so we’re having to post this on an irregular day and both of our OCDs are really acting up. Hopefully we both make it through this. If you want to see what we thought about this mediocre movie, please click the poster above! AND – because this came up when I googled Star Trek: Insurrection, here’s a bonus photo!


AND, because Jeri Ryan is good lookin’:



  1. Eew, that bad? I fell asleep on it but, it was late the couch was comfortable. I was determined to watch it again…some day. Now I’m not too sure. Unless…isn’t one DILITHIUM CRYSTAL worth like, 3 Tophats, making this film 6 Tophats…your highest given score ever? There has to be some reason millions of people watched this film, no?

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