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In 2012 – when I first started this place, I used to do special themed posts on Holidays that no one ever read. On Easter of 2012 I published a post about Exorcist III and went on about Satan and his buddies but no one ever looked at it because no one looked at my blog and no one wanted to read about Easter. In 2013, I re-posted it and a couple of people looked at it, but, if you wanted to read about one of my all time favorite movies, you could do that HERE and I would only love it.

I had also just bought some graphic design software and was teaching myself how to use it and I made a fancy movie poster for E3 that isn’t on the post any longer and I can’t find it on my computer so I made a new one for this post:


Well – one day our good friend and kindest Hooker CARA blasphemed THE EXORCIST III in THIS post and a couple of us called her out on it in the comments section. “Have you even seen it???” We asked. “No.” She replied. So I told her I’d watch ON THE WATERFRONT if she’d watch this and we both accepted our challenges. While we still have yet to finish our work on OTW – here, I can proudly present our conversation on THE EXORCIST III!

That’s me in the black letters and Cara in the purple. Or, if you don’t have color, my comments are aligned left and hers are right.




…I don’t know why I just called you “playa.” ARE you a playa? Is this description apt? Whatever. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE EXORCIST III!!!!!!


No, I’m no Playa, I call it like it is!

OK!! How about E3?? One of my favorite movies ever!! I saw it in the theater and I LOVE it every time I watch it. I also have it on VHS. I know you DM-d me that you didn’t hate it but thought it tried too hard. I don’t think that at all. Maybe you think the shit with Fabio and whatshisfacefromtheKnicks was a reach. I grew up with a guy that met Patton (my Gramps – I’m not THAT old) and Scott did Patton (of course) so he’s been in my life a lot.



Your grandpa met Patton?! That’s amazing!! Was he nice?!

…But now I’m getting off topic. Why ya gotta get me off topic like that, hooker? (I know you aren’t a hooker, but you say you aren’t a playa, and I’m running out of ways to address you.)

Yeah that stuff with the angels!! What the actual f@#% was that?! Those trippy dreams definitely pulled me out of it a little. Fabio was a big part of it, yes, but also, did you notice all the white angels had white wings and the black angel had gray ones?! Like, is this me overreacting, or is that a tiny bit racist? Also, SAMUEL L. JACKSON IS IN THAT SEQUENCE. Did you know that?? I thought I saw him, and I was like, no way…but I looked it up and he’s totally that random blind dude!! So, definitely some points there!! Lol.




WHO’S THE HOOKER?????????????!?!?!?!??!?!?!

Yep!! He was anti-aircraft personnel – one of the shells exploded on them and he spent some time in the infirmary. Patton visited the troops in there once. I don’t think much happened other than an “atta boy” and such.

Yeah – I can see that scene as off putting…

But what about the other stuff??

Did you shit your pants at the culmination of that long hallway sequence?? How about when the grandma goes scurrying around on the ceiling?? Or the big “I believe” speech towards the end??

Back to you, Shorty!


That’s so freaking cool!! I mean, crappy that he had to go to the infirmary and stuff, but PATTON!! That’s a claim to fame, bro.

Yesssss to the hallway sequence!! Admittedly, that was pretty good. Very tense the whole time. AND THE CEILING THING. I will share my exact note during that part with you: “Crawling on the ceiling – WOAH” Almost as good as the spider walk down the stairs in numero uno…but the spider walk still wins. 😉


Now as for the “I believe” speech…apparently it didn’t have a huge impact on me because I’m a little foggy on it. Haha. Is it that last confrontation between the demon and detective what’s his face?

Shorty?! Who you callin’ Shorty?! You’re a GIANTESS. (I know you’d technically be a “giant” and not a “giantess,” but I find the word “giantess” much more fun to use. SO DEAL WITH IT.)


Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get back with you – work has been sucky shit and now there’s football all weekend!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GO SOONERS!!!!!

Yep – that’s the speech LOL

Oh well – now that you’ve seen it do you take back that remark you made about it before you’d seen it???


Booooo sucky work. Sooners?? Is that what people from Oklahoma are called?? I would say that’s weird, but I’m from Indiana and we’re the Hoosiers and nobody knows what the hell that’s about so…

Gotcha. I thought that’s what you were talking about. I mean…it was a good speech!! Lol. Apparently, I need to watch it again. 😉

Hmm. What did I initially say about it?? I’ve slept since then. Haha. I liked it though! Not as good as the first Exorcist, but not bad!


I don’t remember exactly but it was something like “something something something like Exorcist 3” and I was all “HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN EXORCIST 3” and you were all “shut your stupid mouth, Isaacs” and I was all “but it’s one of my favorite movies” and you were all “beat it, kid” and I was all “but Cara Gale I thought you liked me” and then you were all “I NEVER SAID THAT!!!!!! EXCUSE ME??????!!!!?!?!” and I was all “but, but, but, sniff” and you were like “OK I’ll watch the mother fucker!” and I was all “OK GOOD! HUGS!” and you were all “*SLAP*”.

Isn’t that how it went??

Seems about right. But I remember it with more slapping. Maybe even a few punches. And why were you sniffing your butt??? EW.


Wait – you DON’T sniff butts to recognize who you’re talking to??? HUH??



LOL – that’s probably enough about this thing, eh?

I’m glad you watched it and recognize that it’s at least not a piece of shit. It will always be one of my favorite things!!

BYE HOOKER!!!!!!!!



  1. Dearest Chop and (Hooker?!) Cara,

    Nice work you two. I watched all the Exorcist movies back to back a few years ago, I liked the first but wasn’t a particular fan. But yeah, will see these again at some other point in my life… like when my exams give me some breathing room.



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    Good day, friends! The wonderful Mr. Eric Isaacs of The IPC recently challenged me to watch one of his favorite films ever, The Exorcist III. All I had to say about that was CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Check out our little discussion about it! Also, stay tuned next week for when Eric accepts my challenge to him to watch an epic classic!

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  3. I think Exorcist 1 is the scariest movie of all time… we watch it at least once a year , on All Hallow’s Eve, without fail…. it’s become like a family tradition. ❤ And, of course i watched Exorcist Part 3, and yeah, I thought it was good…. I mean, " Patton" was in it, and what the heck, the guy was an Oscar winner ! ! So, yeah, it must be good. And the grandma crawling on the ceiling was real scary. By the way, the priest from Exorcist 1 died, right? But did Patton die? I don't remember . 😕

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      • Wait…. I know the priest ( Father Karas??? ) from Exorcist 1 died, but didn’t that possessed guy in the cell in E3 turn into Father karas?
        Also what part is that Exorcist movie with Richard Burton in it, and I think Megan, the kid in part1 had a cameo appearance?

        To me, what makes the original so scary is that the characters are so soft – spoken despite the fact that something so diabolical is going on in that room upstairs.

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      • theipc

        Yep – he’s the Gemini Killer – the best role ever by Brad Dourif!!!!! I know – I LOVE the demurity of all of the characters! Did I just make up a new word???


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