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WHOO HOOO!!! Happy Monday!! These don’t happen very often but we’re back with another Double Take!! This time with the lovely and talented Zoe from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger!!!! YAY!!!!! In this series, I and a friend take on The Classics. If you ever want to participate in one of these, just let me know and, if you wanted to read some fantastic writing by people other than me, you could check out all of the others HERE. There’s some good shit right there!!! Let’s see what we’ve got….


Zoe’s Take:

Check me out, back again to harass the Chop and fellow readers! How’s everyone?

Oki, no that that is out of the way, let’s move on to some serious stuff here. A while ago Tom of Digital Shortbread had me host a Sporadic Scene from the movie called “Movement in the Tree Line”. I admit, I had never seen it. Naturally Eric was all like “Are you fucking crazy? Double Take.” and that is how it came to be that I went back to watch a movie I had actually never heard about.

jacob's ladder dafuq

Jacob’s Ladder was definitely not even remotely what I expected it to be. When I popped it in, my other half came waffling into the lounge, asking me if I was watching another war movie. I said I thought so, and his lingering ended up into permanence as he decided to check it out, because it gripped him from the start. It did me, too. That opening scene already has you wondering, and then it briskly moves on to a bizarre train scene with some fucked up looking thing trying to escape from what looks like a homeless dude sleeping on it. Was I watching a war movie…? What the hell was going on?

As the movie progresses, you are dragged down into Jacob Singer’s rabbit hole, and it seems endlessly screwed up and fascinating at the same time. You feel so bad for the dude, but keep wondering if you are ever going to get a handle on what is going on. Then let’s not even talk about the way that it flips between dreams, realities, times, wars, flashbacks, forward flashes, whatever the heck is going on. Not a bad thing, keeps you on your toes.

jacobs ladder gurney

I was entertained throughout the film, I never got bored. It was gripping. That bit where he is in the hospital, being wheeled down to “X-Rays”? What the hell? This movie is actually pretty creepy, but it is good, no two ways about it. Tim Robbins was so young here, and Vince Taylor Pruitt was so much younger and skinnier… however, he is destined to always be LaRoche for me (not a bad thing at all). The things that we go through with Jacob are pretty heavy, and I love the way things went.


Also, Santa was some bad toolbag in here, I won’t lie. As if things were’t bad enough, hit him down while you are at it, why don’t you? Anyways, I could probably rattle on here for quite some time, but I am not going to. I had a pretty good time with this, and it is a good movie and well worth watching if you haven’t. Just for this I did a little something something for the Top Hats I will score it 🙂

top hats 4


Me: LOOK at the beautiful graphic!!! LOVE IT!!!

That was pure awesome, Zoe! I’m glad you liked it so much! I did too – let’s see what I can come up with…

My Take: 

I remember this came out the year I – AHEMgraduated HIGH SCHOOLAHEM – and went off to college – AHEM – but I didn’t go see it in the theater. I was too busy moping around the city wearing  my hair long and failing to get any ladies. Eventually, although I had been doing plenty of underage drinking, I turned 21 (that’s the legal age here in The States) and started hanging out at bars and fell in with this group of no good, lazy hippies and we decided to get a rental house, so I made the big decision to move out of my mom’s house. I know no one really gives a fuck about that but for me, this holds a place in my memories as being the last movie I ever watched at my Creator’s house – the person I had lived with my entire life.


Here’s a funny story, at least for me. When I told my mom I was moving she said that I was breaking her heart and she did a bunch of crying so on the day I actually left, I went and bought her this porcelain angel figurine to replace me and she could look at it and think of me being there with her and it was real emotional and shit. A few weeks later I went over to her house for something or other and I had to go poop and there was the angel, in the guest bathroom. I was devastated. Cast aside like some common trinket or bauble!! But now, writing this paragraph, maybe she put it in there because I was such a prolific pooper and that was her favorite memory of me, stinking up the back hallway…..?JACOB5

But anyway… JACOB’S LADDER is pretty good! When Tom and his Sadness Blouse came around talking about the big helicopter scene I was all – you know, I should watch that again, so I did and I really liked it again.  There’s a few scenes that really stand out – that hospital scene that JB pointed out above, that bit where he thinks he’s burning up and they pour buckets and buckets of ice on him and that party sequence where a still hot Elizabeth Pena gets it from a demon:





I thought Tim Robbins did a good job in here and Danny Aiello didn’t bother me and it even had that guy you’ve seen in everything but never know his name: Matt Craven – who can be found on this site in the cheesy, fun HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, published out here in July of 2012. If you haven’t seen this, I’ve avoided really telling what this is about because it would kind of spoil it, and I would hate to do that, but I will give out one HUGE spoiler regarding something else: Mark Walker has a Wee Boabby!!! ZING!!!

Thanks for doing this, Zoe!! This was fun!!

P.S. I TOTALLY forgot Costanza is in this…


On a lighter note, I read a book! Want to see what I thought about it?? Click the cover art below!



  1. Tom

    Fantastic! I’m so glad I could pass the baton with that Sporadic Scene, I loved the way this movie opens. it’s such a head trip. Crazy crazy shit. Zoe — the top hat graphic is top notch!!!! Nice work there

    Eric, at one point I had to unzip my blouse just so I could run around the house, arms waving like those wacky-waving inflatable arm-tube men you see outside big car lots, praising to the high heavens I had finally seen a good Tim Robbins performance. (My actual introduction to him was in this thing called Thanks For Sharing, all about sex addiction. Movie was a joke.)

    Liked by 2 people

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