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I don’t know if any of us ever really get scared in movies any longer – we’ve all seen so much that we’re all anesthetized to any sort of feelings of fear, but if I had to pick a type of movie that gives me The Willies it would be home invasion movies, especially involving fuckers with burlap sacks on their heads.  And – while this movie was pretty fucking creepy and effective and had my teeth grinding and my butt cinched, this thing fails at the end because of one of my IPC Grievances and Taints (that I’ve never updated)…

WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US??????? She wails…..
Because you were home. He replies.

That’s almost as bad as the “Because we can” cop out. I think one of the reasons YOU’RE NEXT worked so well, except for how much fun it was, was that there was at least some reasoning all of this was going the fuck on. Here, it’s just because “They’re home”?? Blogga please.STRANGE2

Our friend Luke asked us another question of the month recently and I have yet to reply to him but he asked what scares us in movies. (Editor’s note: I did reply, it’s HERE and this post is great!!) Aside from the idea of some people breaking into my home while I sleep, the thought of someone standing in the darkness of the background really creeps me out. I think that’s why all of the old Halloween movies worked so well for me. The Shape was always there lurking, lurking. The Shape isn’t supposed to grunt and stomp and eat dogs. Fuckin’ Zombie!STRANGE3

Now I’m starting to get a little freaked out so let’s change gears and look at some pretty pictures. Here’s Gemma Ward – isn’t she fresh as a daisy?STRANGE4

Using Free Association, here’s Amanda Seyfried. I think she’s putting up a tent or

And, because Google works in such mysterious ways, here’s Raquel Welch:STRANGE6

And, of course, Mary Elizabeth Winstead.STRANGE7

Anyone have any other ideas for the pretty picture wall? Just name them and I’ll go add em in : )

Any images below this line are by request!





  1. Hmmm. I didn’t really like this movie. Felt like the strangers had special powers to always locate them and it felt a little unrealistic.

    But hey, whats more important is not shamefully plugging stuff, as you know I hate to do. I’d never talk about my brand new site which is now open and with its first review up today. Never. And since I have 0 followers now I’m new I would never stoop that low………

    Anyhoo hows the weather over there? Watched any of that throwing ball game you all love so much where you’re world champions because no other fucking country plays it? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • theipc

      I liked this more the second time around – I didn’t really care for it the first time I saw it…

      It’s funny that you dog that sport, considering we keep sending our teams over there to play in England because you people love it so much.

      Oh – and it’s raining here and when it rains people driving cars get STUPID.

      I saw you put out a new post – I’ll go check it out in a bit 🙂

      How are you doing over there, Champ?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Us people dont watch it, people go to the stadium as its dirt cheap to watch unlike our own football, but tv stuff its niche to say the least. Not as bad as that weird rounders game or baseball as you call it. 😉

        Cold over here but our country panics at the thought of snow and ice. We get nothing compared to you guys.

        Off to sleep, work in 5 hours. Peace out chief 🙂

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  2. Dearest Chop,

    I would only just love to see Eva Green in here. 😀 😀 Pleeeeeease!!!!

    Oki, besides adding that to the list, great work here! I have yet to see this. I don’t know… you think I should?



    PS: JEEEEEEEEESH this hour extra is going to kill me hahahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really didn’t like The Strangers when I got out of the theatres when it first came out. But you have a point here. I didn’t like it because the ending was so stupid. The first half was so effective and then it was just same old same old and I wasn’t really impressed. Then that ending…GRRR!!! Bad endings just make me so mad!!!


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