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THE ABCs OF DEATH 2 (2014)………………


Here we go with another anthology… I like these things because it’s always good to see a bunch of filmmakers trying out new stuff even if some of it is rather shitty… I remember just being SO SO about the first one, which you could check out HERE if you liked. I even started watching that again one day when I was bored out of my brain but couldn’t get past the F is for Fart segment. But anyway, I was still excited for this and went into it open minded and the first bit – A is for Amateur was absolutely brilliant! I already forgot what “B” is about but it was OK and then I liked “C”. My favorite of all has to be this one:ABCs2c

M is for Masticate – and, while this skips fart smelling and jacking off, it was OK enough but still hit or miss. At least there wasn’t any of this fucking bullshit:ABCS2d

The segment from the guys who did BIG BAD WOLVES was pretty good too:ABCs2e

But the whole movie could have used a little more of that. And by “that” I, of course, mean this:ABCs2f

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yeah….. I don’t think anyone wants to sit around reading my thoughts on 26 separate short stories, so here are the notes I took on them and, if you need me to translate anything, just let me know:ABCs2


  1. Is THIS what you mean by THAT? THAT is fantastically THIS… Love the notepad reviews and very curious about X because it will give you nightmares…unless it’s just a naked flat-chested woman, which I know would give you nightmares, and depresssion 😀

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  2. Nice work Isaacs. I was with you on the first one. A few awesome ones, but way too many that were just utter garbage (L for Libido is still probably worst thing I have seen in a film). I will probably check this out sometime. Might get some Pabst. Looks like a Pabst kind of film.

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    • theipc

      Thanks Tim! I know – that Libido thing was awful…. UGH

      HMMMM with the Pabst. Have you tried Elephant? I think that’s what it’s called….


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