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BABADOOK1I know this movie was released most places just as THE BABADOOK but, for some reason, I really like that poster above that’s in some sort of mystery language that is both beautiful and perverse. I also REALLY liked this movie but I thought the ending was a little dodgy… and I’m going to talk about it at the end of this post, but I will change the color of the words to WHITE so you’ll have to click and scroll over them to see the spoilers, if you feel like it. Otherwise, this should be relatively spoiler free. Unless you’re really interested in my movie watching life and it’s a big spoiler that I watched THE BABADOOK. Spoiler: I watched it!!!


There’s the poster for The States. As an intro, I want to say that this is the first movie in quite a while to give me the Heebie Jeebies. Its been a few days since I watched it but I remember at least three scenes where I was all “ehhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……” in nervous anticipation of what was going to happen next. Plus, anyone who reads out here regularly – if they remember – know that kids freak me out and:BABADOOK4

That sure didn’t help anything – and neither did this scene:BABADOOK3

I thought mom did a TERRIFIC fucking job here and, I suppose, for the sake of being truthful, that kid did a really good job too, even though he freaked me out the entire time. I thought the story was compelling and the scares were creepy – not your usual “There’s a cat in the cupboard jumping out at you” or the “I’m standing in a room all by myself and eerie music is playing and suddenly my good friend comes up behind me as quiet as fuck and pats me on my shoulder” bullshit. If you want to look at a GOOD review of this thing, you can click HERE.BABADOOK5

Here’s the spoiler: After everything we’ve been through and I almost shit myself a couple of times, after I totally loved almost everything about this except for KILLING THE FUCKING DOG and some nasty cockroaches, after all of that… you can just get rid of Mister Babadook by screaming at him and telling him you’ll fucking kill him? Then you can lock him in your basement and feed him worms and everything’s peaches?? Did I just not get it?? That’s like making it with a chick (or whoever you prefer) and then, after an hour and a half of fondling and kissy face, she’s all “OK, well I have to go to work, bye” and you’re left with pulsing, achy Blue Balls. But you still really like her and you want to see her again. Even though you REALLY need to make something happen down there but it’s after school and you also have to go to work, right now. #Pain #HighSchool #SoreNutsBABADOOK6

And there you go! This one was pretty good and worth the money I spent to watch it early on VOD.

You can give me the boy.
You can give me the boy.
You can give me the boy.

Go Team Babadook!

P.S. My favorite line from the movie? “If you’re SO HUNGRY, why don’t you go EAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S. Speaking of Blue Balls, let’s not forget what Monty Python taught us back in 1983:



  1. Awesome film. Not surprising really. We’ve never made a bad movie here in Australia.

    Seriously though, I frickin love this thing. One of my top films of the year so far.

    Get what you’re saying about the ending to a degree. I didn’t have this interpretation whilst watching it, but apparently the Babadook is the mother or her guilt or some jazz. So I guess she masters that aspect of herself…or something.

    Also, they are going to try and release that creepy motherfuckin book for real (which is an idea they stole from me in my awesome review, which I assumed was the awesome review you linked too but noooooooooooooooooooo). I am so going to buy that.

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    • theipc

      I can’t disagree with you about Australian films – you guys put out some good ones! Except for Wolf Creek 2.

      Fuck that book. That book looks like a poisonous reptile. Of a book. Make sense?


  2. Thanks for the link. 🙂 I’m glad you liked this. I loved this because of what it’s REALLY about but couldn’t discuss it in my review because it’s a major spoiler to anyone who hasn’t seen it. But it explains the ending and actually makes the ending absolutely perfect.


    • theipc

      Hey!!! Great hearing from you!!! Yeah… it’s not like I hated it or anything but, and you know me, I’m not a guy who goes around trying to interpret shit, if Mister Babadook is this scary monster hiding in your shadows, that’s a pretty easy way to get rid of him.


  3. Definitely a solid film, man. Especially for Davis’ performance which has to be one of the best of the year. I didn’t find any of it scary, though, and I thought that the “haunted house” part of the story was pretty weak.


  4. Pappy!!

    You and Bkushi are watching the scariest things these days. I am afraid! I hate creepy children… This one seems really fucking freaky!! Also, brilliant idea with the white text to hide the spoilers (I read it since I will never watch this #scaredyCat)


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