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I really don’t remember why I rented this, but I did and then forgot about if for 29 days until I got a note on my iPad that this was about to expire. I thought the trailer made it look good and one of the actresses follows me on Twitter (for now) so I sat down one afternoon and gave it a shot. While I think the concept is clever and the script is good, this had to be one of the most over edited movies I’ve ever seen. I mean, when we think of Michael Bay movies, I think we’re all pretty much in agreement that they are so over edited and cut that they are almost seizure inducing to watch but they have 600 million dollar budgets so everyone goes to see them and the studios make a lot of money so they keep making more and more of them to the point where I want to die. Well, this one is independent and probably made using someone’s credit card and, while some of it was rather cool, I can’t say that I loved it because of all of the editing.wonderc

I mean: A guy with a weird hairdo is talking about killing someone (CUT) a girl is climbing a ladder on the side of a building (CUT) a woman with her tits out is painted in gold and smoking a hookah (CUT) a girl is hanging from some contraption in a bathtub (CUT) a chick is deep throating a pistol (CUT) a chick is snorting cocaine (CUT) the dude is killing someone (CUT) a chick with an eye-patch has feathers in her hair (CUT). And after every sequence change, it is followed with a series of very loud drums or clangy music or screeches and screams. Again – I think the script was clever but the end result just didn’t pan out.wondere

Remember when I made my little movie? Just doing the editing on THAT was a real pain in the ass. I can’t even imagine how long it took to do this one. Someone must have had a lot of weed and plenty of time on their hands. Also – when I googled for images of this one, I found just those two (above) and this:wonderf

On another note – White Boarding and plotting out things for an upcoming project, I fucked around and tried my hands at making GIFs and constructed this:CUMPANYGIF

So, since I could only find those two pictures I thought I would make a GIF of the girl giving the handgun a Blowie – it didn’t work out really well but at least I tried, right?WONDERLAND 2012

Anyway – this movie was kind of a dud. I really didn’t know what was going on half of the time. Oh well. Talk to you later! For those of you paying attention or those of you that care – look for something REALLY exciting right here on November 28!!





  1. Probemeister becomes GIFmeister!!! I love it!!! This one sounds dull, amigo…but what is this deleted scene stuff??? I shall await next Friday on pins and needles!!!



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